Cricket legend blows up Steve Smith’s appointment

Cricket Australia may have allowed Steve Smith’s role in Cape Town’s ball tampering scandal, but some of the Australian cricket legends show the difficult path he still has to travel.

Pat Cummins was named the first quick bowler by the Australian captain since Ray Lindwall in 1956, and joined Smith in the aftermath of Tim Pain’s shocking resignation as a skipper during a sexting scandal. Was announced as Deputy Captain.

Cummins-Smith tickets were widely expected to lead Australia in the post-Pain era, but did not protect Smith from criticism after the effects of the Cape Town scandal remained on Australian cricket. ..

Smith was the captain of the time and was handed a one-year ban and a two-year leadership ban along with David Warner and Cameron Bancroft for the Sandpaper Gate scandal.

Warner, then Deputy Captain, was also banned for one year and lifelong leadership.

Smith touched on the expected criticism at a press conference after the leadership team was revealed.

“I’ve been playing as a leader for the last few years and now I have the opportunity to stand next to Patrick as a formal and title leader. I’m really honored,” he told reporters.

“People will come up with negative opinions. I understand and know that, but for me I know that I’ve grown a lot in the last three or four years.

“I’m a more rounded individual, and as a result, I’m a better leader and excited to be next to Patrick.”

Ian Chapel Aims for CA Hypocrisy

But when Smith returned to the leadership fold and was welcomed, the former Australian star set his sights on the appointment.

Former Australian captain Ian Chappell praised Cummins for being appointed as a skipper and said Quick in New South Wales was an exciting player with a “heart equal to Dennis Lily.”

However, although he liked the top of the ticket, Chapel sought to be appointed as Deputy Captain of Smith’s team.

Cummins reportedly asked Smith to take over his top job when he took over, but the former Australian captain asked Cricket Australia to build a new path.

“I wish Cricket Australia had a clean break, but Cricket Australia wants a little more to get something right at the moment,” Chapel said on the 2GB Wide World of Sports Radio. Told.

“First of all, I have a problem. Why is Steve Smith regarded as a different punishment than David Warner? In fact, I think Steve Smith’s crime was much bigger. ..

“It’s not correct for the captain to say’I don’t want to know’when cheating is involved. The captain needs to know, he needs to know about it, and he has to do something about it. It will not be.

“Steve Smith has been banned from Captain for two years and so does David Warner, or Steve Smith has been banned from life and so has Dave Warner.

“Cheating is cheating. Whether it’s large or small, it’s still cheating in my book. If you’re an Australian captain, you make a lot of mistakes. I committed, but I didn’t cheat. I was hoping that Cricket Australia wouldn’t ask me to resign if I was fooled into doing what Tim Paine did. I robbed him of his job and prevented me from continuing to play as a player. “”

The chapel also pointed out that Bill Lawry was dismissed as captain in 1971 as an example of what Australia has traditionally done. Raleigh was fired as an Australian captain after the ashes were lost in Australia. With this decision, the chapel took over the captain’s reins.

“I remember talking to Neil Harvey a few years after playing. Why didn’t you take Bill Lowry to England as a player? Bill definitely deserves to be part of the team, If so, I think I won in 1972. Bill as a player. ” “And Neil Harvey said frankly,” A team with a new captain doesn’t have a former captain. ” If you change that a bit, you might have Steve Smith and David Warner as players, but you shouldn’t have them as captains or deputy captains. “

The chapel added that if he had committed a “pretty ridiculous crime” like Pain, he would have expected to be told “I lost my job not only as a captain but also as a player.” rice field.

He continued to say, “Cricket Australia hasn’t learned anything,” pointing out Shane Warne and Mark Waugh’s “bookmaker John” controversy, which only came to light a few years later. Said that he did.

“If they don’t understand that crime is much worse when trying to hide it, it will eventually be discovered anyway, if they haven’t solved it now, when will they do it? Are you going to solve it? “Chapel said.

“Outside the window”: Warn makes Smith’s appointment barbaric

The chapel was not alone, as other legends made their remarks about Smith’s return to leadership.

Spinking Shane Warne also blamed the fact that Smith could return to leadership position while David Warner remained suspended from captaining or deputy captaining his country again.

“We all love Steve Smith and are proud to be the best test hitter in the world again,” Warn wrote in Herald Sun’s exclusive column. “But he must not be the deputy captain of Australia.

“We all know that we are making mistakes. We all moved out of the sandpaper gate, but it happened under Steve Smith’s captain. He did it. Allowed to happen on his watch.

“I think the punishment given to him was too severe, as I said at the time. He paid a huge price for his mistakes.

“But his second chance is to play in Australia again, and in my opinion they have announced that the deputy captain will expose the CA to ridicule and criticism, so they should throw the code of conduct out the window. is.”

Spinking added that Warn had “the best cricket brains on the team” and called for Marnus Rabshagne to be appointed deputy captain.

Former captain Michael Clarke said Thursday that if Smith was elected to represent Cummins, he should avoid appearing to be in command of the team on the field.

He told the big sports breakfast that Smith needed to be “very careful” and make sure it was clear that Cummins was calling the shot.

Smith was accused of being a “termite” Pain chapel in 2019, when he seemed to be making field adjustments without talking to the wicket keeper.

Clark added that Smith wouldn’t be able to hide from the spotlight, as evidenced by a wave of criticism that exploded in the wrinkle-cutting controversy last summer.

Smith was accused of “cheating” after shadow-batting at a crease when Australia was in the field before remarking the center during the final test against India in Sydney.

A former Australian skipper was amazed at the reaction and questions about his integrity and admitted that he could hardly sleep after the match.

Clark said the scrutiny would be even worse if he were in a leadership position.

“I don’t think Steve Smith understands how extreme it will be,” Clark said.

“He rubbed the pitch last summer and got a glimpse of it against India when he was called the biggest cheat on the planet. He didn’t understand how heavy it was to him. think.”

Cricket legend blows up Steve Smith’s appointment

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