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At Black Interiors, we focus on collaboration for successful project outcomes. This was recently seen in the ANZ Workplace Strategy project at Sylvia Park Tower in Auckland.

The company’s project director, David Devery, says his vision was to create a workplace for the future.

He says collaboration has become an even more important aspect than usual because the ANZ project presents complex challenges. Steel had to be craned from the façade of the building, important concrete was cut and removed, paving the way for the stairs on the new podium.

This meant working closely with Warren and Mahony, the Building Intelligence Group, Becca, and the BBD to find a solution.

Spare generators also had to be installed, requiring rewiring of mechanical and electrical systems that affected not only the tower but also adjacent restaurants. This allowed Black Interiors to devise risk mitigation strategies, work closely with affected parties, and complete work outside normal business hours as needed.

“Close collaboration was not only important, but essential,” says David.

“We needed to quickly identify the problem, contact the contractor, and come up with a solution to present to the engineering and project management teams. It was to solve the problem rather than focus on it.”

He says this has resulted in a high level of trust, which has led to great project results.

ANZ’s workplace strategy project was completed a month earlier than planned and was virtually flawless.

“I think everyone knew that everyone in this project had a common vision and that this was a really special project.”

“that is, Black interior And the broader project management team is very proud of the results. “

This is a groundbreaking project for the company and the largest project since director Dylan Hat launched Black Interiors in 2014. Based in Auckland, Black Interiors is working on a national project.

David says having the right team is a big part of Black Interior’s success.

“We have put a lot of effort into hiring the right team and fostering the right corporate culture. This includes free gym membership, staff health insurance, group fitness training and happiness. It includes organizing social events to help you stay healthy and bond. This has a huge ripple effect in terms of how we deal with our clients and the results we provide to them.

It’s about making the construction process fun, easy and stress-free for everyone. “

David, who has completed many large fitout projects in Australia, says the ANZ project has led to inquiries for many other large Black Interiors projects.

The project team was also acclaimed for the 2020 New Zealand Building Industry Awards Interdisciplinary Collaboration Award and was nominated for Best Team at the Real Estate Council People’s Awards.

“At Black Interiors, we are committed to providing the highest levels of execution and customer satisfaction in every project we undertake. Our goal is to provide a new standard of inspiring interior space every day. . “

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Creating a future workplace-Black Interiors

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