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October 4, 2007-Onish diet Is the best Weight loss Researchers compare plans for heart health, eight popular diets, say.

Yunsheng Ma, MD, PhD and colleagues at the University of Massachusetts School of Medicine (Worcester) evaluated eight popular diet plans. Researchers chose one 7-day menu from each plan. We then ranked each menu according to the seven dietary factors most strongly associated with reductions. Heart diseasedangerous.

Candidates selected because they are best-selling diet books, popular weight loss programs, or government recommendations are new glucose Revolution, Weight Watcher High Carb Plan, Weight Watcher High Protein Plan,
Atkins diet, South Beach Diet, Zone Diet, Ornish Diet, and 2005 USDA Food Guide Pyramid.

Dr. Ma, please give me an envelope.

“The Ornish Diet, Weight Watchers Hikerbo Diet, and New Glucose Revolution are ranked high, while the Atkins Diet and South Beach Diet are ranked low,” Ma told WebMD. “Surprisingly, the USDA diet isn’t expensive, but it’s in the middle.”

Go to the onish diet in the first place

Scoring is a 7 dietary ingredient that has a strong impact on the risk of heart disease: fruits, vegetables, nuts, soy, The ratio of white and lean meat,
fiber, Trans fat, and ratio of polyunsaturated fatty acids fat For saturated fat. Each element was counted as 10 possible points.

Of the 70 possible points:

  • The Ornish diet was the winner with 64.6 points.
  • The weight watcher’s high carb diet scored 57.4 points.
  • The new glucose revolution diet scored 57.2 points.
  • The South Beach Phase 2 diet scored 50.7 points.
  • The Zone Diet scored 49.8 points.
  • The 2005 Food Guide Pyramid scored 48.7 points.
  • Weight watcher High protein diet I got 47.3 points.
  • The South Beach Phase 3 diet scored 45.6 points.
  • The Atkins Diet’s 45-gram carb plan scored 42.3 points.

This is very encouraging news for Dr. Dean Ornish, MD, founder and president of the Institute of Preventive Medicine in Sausalito, California, and a clinical professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco.

“They really understand it, they understand what is important for good
nutrition, “Ornish told WebMD. “Reading this is heartwarming in every sense.”

What makes Ornish the happiest is Ma and colleagues Heart disease
Prevention The main reason for losing weight.

“There were all these misleading studies that people said they lost more weight on different diets, but more importantly, what happens to the underlying ones.
Heart disease“This study is in great agreement with our actual findings. It’s not just theoretical. Our diet not only reduces risk factors, but also reduces actual heart disease.”

Ma’s study gets much worse reviews from South beach diet Author Arthur Agatoston, MD. Cardiologist Agatoston is an associate professor at the University of Miami and a board member of the American Dietitian Association Foundation.

“It’s pretty poor,” Agatston told WebMD. “It’s disappointing to say that we are writing a treatise based on these principles of a healthy diet for the heart, which we first emphasized in a popular book.”

Agatston says there are thousands South beach diet recipe And dietary planning, and it is unfair for horses and colleagues to evaluate his entire diet based on a weekly menu.

But what really frustrates him, he says, is that researchers give him a low rank, even though he emphasizes the same principles.

“For their honor, they show the principle of a good diet for heart health-but we were the first popular book to do that,” says Agatston. “I’m a cardiologist. It’s a bit silly for some nutritionists to connect something to a computer and say that the heart isn’t healthy. If they read my book, I’m sure they agree. doing.”

Healthy eating and weight loss diet

Agatston, Ornish, and Ma all agree that the overall point of losing weight is to improve your health.

“It’s not just about losing weight. The idea is Lose weight It’s not harmful, it’s a useful way, “says Ornish. smoking By tobacco or by continuing
amphetamine.. “

Horses say the point of the study is not to tell people to avoid diet. Instead, he says, those who want to lose weight should find a diet that suits them and work with a nutritionist to gradually make positive changes in heart health.

“They can start with the Atkins diet if they want, but then they have to make modifications, gradually add good carbs, and replace bad fats with good fats,” says Ma. “If people start with a diet that they don’t follow, they won’t lose weight-and that’s not good.”

Ma and colleagues report their findings in the October issue of.
Journal of the American Dietitians Association..

Source: Ma, Y. Journal of the American Dietitians Association, October 2007; Volume 107: pp. 1786–1791. Yunsheng Ma, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Medicine, Prevention Department and Behavioral medicine, University of Massachusetts School of Medicine, Worcester. Founder and President of the Preventive Medicine Institute in Sausalito, CA, Dean Ornish, MD. Clinical Professor, School of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco. Dr. Arthur Agatoston, Associate Professor of Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami.

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