Chrissy Teigen shouts a fan letter about the death of his stillborn son Jack

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Weeping Chrissy Teigen reveals gratitude for the supportive message he received from his fans About her stillborn son, Jack..

The 35-year-old husband, John Legend, 42, lost his third child in September 2020, and Chrissy wept on Wednesday when he read a letter of condolence sent by the applicant.

Taking up Instagram Story, the puzzled model explained that the fan mail delivery was delayed because he introduced a large number of mountains in a video clip.

The founder of Cravings said the letter was sent to her agency, William Morris Endeavor, last year, but the post office was subsequently “closed” during the pandemic.

Now that it has reopened, Clichy overcame her emotions when she finally received a pile of handwritten letters.

“This is just … a pile of letters we just received, because the place where we usually receive emails, the place where you send emails, has been closed and reopened,” Lip Sync Battle said. Said the star. She choked with tears.

Clichy is open about her experience after losing Jack (Photo: Instagram)

She continued.

“I’m going to read them all? I love you. I made this okay, I got it, and I love you.

Chrissy emphasized one kind letter:

Model and husband John Legend lost his son in September 2020 (Photo: Chrissy Teigen / Twitter)

The model cried even more as the fans also said, “I will light a candle for Jack on October 15th.”

Indeed, fans hit the couple after revealing that they had lost their son at 20 weeks gestation.

Doctors diagnosed Clichy as partial placental abruption (the placenta separates from the uterine wall and the baby’s airflow is blocked or restricted). This means that her body couldn’t support the child.

Chrissy and John share daughter Luna, 5-year-old and 2-year-old son Miles (Photo: @ chrissyteigen / Instagram)

The model later wrote an emotional essay about the trials in medium, revealing that she had been counseled for grief, started horseback riding for treatment, and embarked on a drinking journey.

Chrissy and John share Daughter Luna, 5 and 2 year old son Miles..

An emotional post came as Clichy continued to move forward from the fallout of her online bullying scandal.

In a previous post, Clichy confessed She was “depressed” after joining the “cancellation club” Following the revelation, she sent a nasty private message to people on social media such as: Reality TV star Courtney Studden..

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Chrissy Teigen shouts a fan letter about the death of his stillborn son Jack

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