Chet Hanks accused blacks of “gaslights” with Jamaican accents

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Chet Hanks has been accused of shining a gaslight on the black community while trying to defend the use of Jamaican accents during discussions on the Clubhouse app.

A 30-year-old woman whose father is Hollywood actor Tom Hanks has opened a “room” titled “All Love,” but the debate quickly argued that she prefers to speak in Patois on social media posts. It has increased.

“You’ll be asked if you’re going to accent Jamaica again,” Chet began explaining to listeners with a voice-only app that has skyrocketed in popularity among celebrities in recent weeks.

One listener challenged: “When you’re in an environment without Jamaicans, no one understands or sympathizes with the Caribbean or Jamaicans, so do you just go into a person’s room and use it?”

Chet then replied:’Everyone, it’s really as easy as this.I would go if I was riding the turmoil watching a lot of British gangster movies and going around every day just ordering coffee at Starbucks with my friends [in English accent]: “Hey, give me Governor Latte,” it didn’t come from where I went, I’m going to talk to these Englishmen.

Not sold in his example, one audience counterattacked: “The British were not oppressed, Chet.”

“I understand that, but do you understand my claim?” He asked.

Chet usually speaks with Jamaican accents (Photo: Instagram)

The listener explained aspects of her claim and said: ‘I can’t make such a claim just to go to Starbucks, especially in terms of using English accents.

“Does he understand history?”

Chet replied:’If I go to Instagram and I go [in English accent]: “The guy just saw the top boy, he really liked the show, do you feel me bruv?” I’m not trying to offend anyone.

“I know history.”

Shortly thereafter, another “room” began with the title “Chett Hanks did nothing wrong.”

According to others in the original discussion, Chet was defended by a man who claimed that the Jamaicans were not angry with the use of Patois.

However, many criticized his father, who was talked about on Twitter.

In response to his comment, Twitter users said:’I can’t believe Chet Hanks is shining a gaslight on blacks here at the clubhouse. When will the vaccine come out again? You need to go out again. ”

“The Chet Hanks conversation is a real white privilege,” another said.

Weighted:’I’ve never been impressed with Chet Hanks’ nonsense, you criticize privileged whites too !! Stop making them look down on you in the guise of “praise” I’m tired of how many times I have to be told.

Another revealed: “Last week I was in the room with Chet Hanks. When I asked why he spoke with that stupid accent, he left LMAOO.”

Chet had previously advocated speaking with Jamaican accents, but was aware of his “white privilege.”

Metro.co.uk is seeking further comment from Chet personnel.

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Chet Hanks accused blacks of "gaslights" with Jamaican accents

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