Cardi B shows off a short bright pink after a successful new single up

Cardi B has a dramatic new look (Photo: WireImage)

Cardi B is celebrating the success of the new single Up and wants a bold new look.

On Monday’s Instagram, the rapper revealed that she had abandoned her long black hair and went to a bright pink pixie cut.

In the video, the 28-year-old she walked down the stairs, lifting her sunglasses in the last second, showing off her designer Chanel outfit.

She wrote “Up and it’s stuck” in the caption-lyrics from the chorus of her new song.

The WAP rapper got fans to take a closer look at her new things in the Instagram story as she filmed her talking to the camera on a car trip while playing Up in the background.

In a further clip, Cardy held his hand over his short hair and displayed the message, “Pink hair always freezes.”

After the single WAP featuring Megan Thee Stallion released last year, Up became yet another hit for the star.

Recently, Bodak Yellow rapper, who was asked to explain the meaning of this song, used a strange comparison to convey her claim.

Cardi B showed off her bright pink hair (Photo: Instagram)
The rapper clearly loves her new look (Photo: Instagram)

“So have you ever pooped? And it’s just stuck and won’t come out …” she told Jimmy Fallon, adding that it was a “figurative quote.” It was.

It didn’t stop its success on the charts. After shooting second (strangely) on the billboard, Cardi Thanks to the fans on Twitter Write:’Just landed and my wifi back poppin. Thank you to all the fans and supporters. This makes a lot of sense to me.

“I wanted to beat the last solo single number, but I succeeded. For the first time since Lauren, a female rapper made her debut in the top five. This is a pop girl, but I’m not pop.”

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Cardi B shows off a short bright pink after a successful new single up

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