Cancellation – 3 out of 4 British want to travel abroad

Revolut will offer £ 70m to its customers with a 10% cashback scheme through its new travel feature, Stays.

  • Revolut launches a new travel product, Stays, that allows customers to book vacations and earn 10% instant cash back.
  • The average customer can save £ 69 a year on accommodation for bookings made through Stays.
  • Despite travel restrictions, 84% of French and 72% of British and Spaniards are willing to flee.
  • Covid-aware British (51%) are willing to travel only to countries with good health care.

Most of the world is still cloudy behind uncertain traffic light travel systems, but 72% of British are soon, according to data from Revolut, a global lifestyle tool with more than 16 million customers. I can’t wait to go abroad. World wide.

After more than 18 months of blockade, the desire to stay has diminished, and only 6% of British have no plans to travel abroad. Revolut users have almost doubled their savings during the pandemic process, and the nationwide urge to surge in global and exotic locations is clear. In 2019, the last year of regular travel, the average Revolut user uses the Revolut card and its innovative travel features to spend around £ 690 on accommodation, £ 149 on flights and locals abroad. Spent an average of £ 950.

The data will be retrieved when FinTech superappli Revolut releases the groundbreaking travel feature Stays, allowing users to book accommodations that manage their finances. The new in-app feature is the first offer of its kind by the FinTech platform, offering users up to 10% instant cashback on bookings made through the Revolut app, and an average customer per year. Save £ 69. This is the company’s biggest giveaway, and Revolut will offer £ 70m * to UK customers who book through Stays. Launched in 2015 with the highest exchange rates and zero international fees, Stays enhances Revolut’s ongoing innovations that continue to help users stay smarter when traveling around the world.

And it’s not just the British who are experiencing a travel fever. The same is true for vacationers across Europe, with 84% of French and 72% of Spaniards wanting an international vacation.

However, despite the strong urge to escape, more than half (51%) of the UK plan to travel only to destinations with good health care. British people are still aware of Covid, especially when it comes to travel, as 63% of UK respondents plan to get a full vaccination soon.

Not surprisingly, nearly half (48%) of UK respondents want to stay in a hotel that complies with Covid’s safety requirements, and a quarter (24%) are in a private apartment or self-catering villa. I plan to rent.

Marsel Nikaj, Head of Savings and Lifestyle at Revolut, said:: “We know that as the world begins to open up carefully, everyone, whether Margate or Mallorca, is desperate to escape as much as possible. We know that people are ideal. We built Stays so that you can easily find and book the perfect break at your destination. After 18 months of endless limits and blockades, we offer more to people and give them their money. We want to make you travel even more. Revolut is becoming an indispensable app for travel and offers more. “

Stays will be available to Revolut customers in the UK starting July 21st. Global SuperAppli plans to gradually roll out this feature to customers in Europe and the United States in the coming months. There is a long-term view of adding more convenient travel-related products (flights, car rentals, travel experiences), making it the destination for all travel decisions.

Starting today, Stays allows Revolut guests to find accommodation options around the world, from cheap B & Bs to unique and luxurious lodges.

Revolut guests can also expect access to special rates for accommodations with no booking fees * and the ability to view and book everything from within the Revolut app. An immediate cashback of 10% on your booking means you can save more money when it matters, that is, when you’re actually on vacation.

* Revolut does not charge a booking fee, but rates and fees from accommodation providers may apply.

Cancellation – 3 out of 4 British want to travel abroad

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