Can you help my boss?

I now a customer has asked if we have a program I can speak for someone who is struggling with decision making. The answer is yes, but the choice of program depends largely on the individual, their knowledge, and the reasons for not working in that area.

Reasons for inactivity:

  1. Don’t know what to do (don’t know the requirements of the job from the job description or their manager)
  2. Not knowing how to do it (lack of training to do)
  3. No belief they can do it (due to lack of self -confidence)
  4. Don’t know why they do (note 1,2, & 3 but give it a lower price)
  5. Reluctant to act (due to a lack of awareness or fear of responsibility or consequences)

To establish the cause of the unemployment, it is important to consult with their manager or other members of the leadership team and a meeting with the person to find out the causes of the failure. zero.

Can be solved:

  1. Climb the leader – this covers #2 & #3 and is a one -day seminar for those new to leadership or considering advancing to a leadership position. This gives these people the traditional tools and confidence that they can develop a career as a leader.
  2. By Papa Dale Carnegie – this covers #2, #3 or #5. This is our most popular program for leaders at every team level — leading to CEO with 9 million graduate students worldwide. This transformational training builds confidence and self -confidence, creates a vision for the future, gives basic tools and processes to guide and maintain.
  3. Develop your leadership skills – #4 & #5 are widely covered and suitable for intermediate level leaders. The program builds proficiency, removes blind spots through proficiency evaluation, identifies strengths and weaknesses and develops a leadership outcome plan. This is a deep dive into the nature of leadership, how to deliver jobs and educating people through learning the consequences of effective work.
  4. And guidance for consequences – cover #2, #4 & #5. Training is ideal for senior or professional leaders. Training is based on skill and provides strong tools in navigation and leadership at a high level. This includes training in preparedness evaluation, leadership development planning, innovation planning and implementation of performance outcomes (explaining responsibilities and priorities). The training uses the Working Together steering system that was well -developed by Allan Mullaly during his time in charge of Boeing after 911 and Ford after the GFC.

Our study encourages mindfulness change through time -consuming practice in social settings. We are the only training company that offers the world’s best practices and ISO 9001: 2015 certification for product development and training.

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Can you help my boss?

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