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“BYD Auto New Zealand plans to launch two new models, the ATTO 2 and ATTO 4, in the third quarter of next year,” said Willmot, whose franchise is part of the Ateco Automotive business.

That doesn’t mean the others listed for Australia are emphatically off the schedule, apparently.

However, in addition to “BYD Auto NZ not commenting on models that may or may not be introduced to our market more than 12 months in advance,” Wilmott also said that its operation also “reviews all models available in production (and planned ) for right-hand drive markets based on what is appropriate for the New Zealand public and our dealer network.

“As New Zealand can homologate cars from different source markets, our offering may differ from Australia.” He suggested that our neighbor who has to adhere to Australian design rules could also have an influence.

The NZ release timing for the Dolphin Seal is behind Australia’s. The distributor there, EVDirect, says it will have those cars in the first half of 2023, with pre-orders for both starting in late 2022.

Also in EVDirect’s sights are an electric double cab and a larger electric SUV. The latter, which is allowed to bear the name Sea Lion in China, is probably aimed at the Tesla Model Y.

The yet-to-be-revealed BYD-ute – currently in development – is also a possibility for Australia, according to EVDirect boss Luke Todd.

“We love the ute. We have a product that has been in development for a while,” he told a media event in Brisbane.

BYD achieves three by 2023 — Motoringnz

Source link BYD achieves three by 2023 — Motoringnz

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