Brexit: Can I move to France, Germany and other EU countries?

We’ve been hearing about the effects of Brexit for over four years, and those effects will only come true from the beginning of next month.

For those dreaming of an escape from the UK and the expected economic turmoil, the end of the December 31 transition period will bring about the greatest change in freedom of movement in decades.

Trade relations are still very uncertain, but some of the basic rules for British citizens who want to move to countries within the EU from 2021 are certain.

What if I want to move to the EU after January 1st?

Last year’s withdrawal agreement guaranteed the freedom of British people to live and work in EU member states until the end of the transition period. Therefore, automatic rights will end from the beginning of January.

British citizens wishing to emigrate to an EU member state must apply in accordance with their country’s residence rules. Also, anyone who wants to work in an EU member state needs to make sure that they have professional qualifications in that particular country.

After the Brexit transition is complete, the complexity of the various residence, employment and learning rules across 27 Member States cannot be avoided. The UK Government has provided country-by-country guides on the transition to the EU since 1 January 2021. This includes medical regulations and national benefit applications.

Why can I still go to a villa in Southern France?

Yes, I have one if I’m lucky, but I can’t live there all year long. Recently, there is a headline about the “anger” of foreigners who forbid spending more than three months in a second EU home.

In fact, from January 1, 2021, British people have long known that they can only stay in EU member states without a visa for up to 90 days. Those who wish to stay in the EU for a long period of time on a regular basis must apply for a long-term visa or residence.

British negotiator David Frost and EU counterpart Michel Barnier are still trying to conclude a trade deal


If I can live in one country in the EU, can I move to another country in the block?

It is unclear how much freedom of movement a British citizen living in an EU member state will have from next year. This issue has been discussed in consultations between UK and EU authorities in recent months.

The right to “advance” to live or work in other EU member states may be subject to strict restrictions. For example, you need to prove that you have lived in the block for five consecutive years. Politico..

What if I have already moved to the EU?

British citizens who have lived in one of the EU member states for some time or have moved there during the transition period can be eligible for settlement, but apply for residence in the government of their country of residence by June 30. is needed. 2021.

The EU confirmed in September that some member states were considering extending this deadline in 2021 due to Covid’s pandemic. Therefore, the exact time and conditions of residence application will vary from EU country to EU country.

Can I travel to the EU after January 1st?

Yes. The EU has added the UK to the list of visa-exempt countries and has granted UK citizens the right to travel for up to 90 days without a visa. However, after the transition period is over, EU border authorities may ask travelers from the UK for additional information regarding their length of stay and purpose of stay. It is also possible that fast track lanes for passport management will not be open to UK travelers.

After 2022 (or later), UK visitors will be required to register online and prepay an “Etias” permit based on the European travel information and authorization system. This is a relatively light touch visa similar to the Esta used in the United States.

For business travelers, a limited number of basic activities, such as meetings with clients and customers, may be covered by a visa-free trip. However, anything beyond that may require a business visa.

Brexit: Can I move to France, Germany and other EU countries?

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