Boat Rider Rescue Group Throws Anti-Homosexual Abuse After Boat Explodes | Photo Washington

It can be seen as a dramatic demonstration of the concept of karma: a group of young boaters throw homophobic abuse into another ship with a homophobic pride flag and their boat explodes. When it becomes a ball of fire, it needs to be rescued by the intended victim.

The Sunday incident on Lake Moses, Washington, occurred two days before the beginning of June. Stonewall rebellion for equal rights of LGBTQ In 1969 in New York.

The video of what happened last weekend Spread on TikTokRecorded over 8 million views, prompting an investigation by Grant County Sheriff Tom Jones.

The creator of the video posted next to the clip, stating that the rescued three, two men and one woman were not grateful, “We safely pulled them out of the water. We. Was kinder than them.

according to Description of the case The lobby, a boater who didn’t reveal his surname for fear of retaliation, was the Washington Post, where he and his brother and two friends were able to swim, tub, and listen to music in the lake. Enjoying the day. He said their boats had various gay pride and rainbow flags on them.

He said he noticed the crew yelling at about 7 pm while another boat was passing by. “I could clearly hear gays and flags screaming from the boat,” he told the post.

The video shows a woman on a boat flipping her middle finger to speed up. According to the lobby, the boat made a sharp turn and then turned around at least six times, spraying water and shaking the boat.

He said that as the boat rushed away, a few seconds later he heard an explosion and saw black smoke rising from the other boat.

“Damn! They exploded!” Said a man, allegedly a brother in the lobby, in a video.

Subsequent footage shows three crew members of a burning boat swimming towards a boat with the pride flag, urged to board, and one of the rescue teams calling the emergency 911 service number. .. I hear a woman screaming. “Help, we are on fire.”

“The passengers were very rude and ignored us and shouted. [questions] You don’t have to ask too much if they can do it when you’re smoking a vapor-breathing pen on our boat about their health during 911, “Lobby told the post.

Ah Second clip While the rescued boatmen speed up and flee on their friend’s boat, the police ship’s crew stirs the water with a propeller and tries to tow it to disperse the flames.

“These people harassed my family by raising the gay pride flag in Moses Lake, Washington, running around and slandering gays. After that, their boats were literally blown up. ! ”Lobby said By tweet It has the hashtag #KarmaIsReal.

In a statement Post to facebook, Jones confirmed that his office was investigating, but needed information about the identities of the people involved.

“We want to know more. If we can interview people, we can know more without relying solely on short videos,” he said.

Jones later told the post that the detective was talking to the boat owner “to determine if a crime had occurred.”

Boat Rider Rescue Group Throws Anti-Homosexual Abuse After Boat Explodes | Photo Washington

Source link Boat Rider Rescue Group Throws Anti-Homosexual Abuse After Boat Explodes | Photo Washington

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