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Best 3 PDF OCR Tools for Text Recognition PDF Files

There are a lot of OCR (Optical Character Recognition)tools that accept images and PDF files and convert them into machine editable formats such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word, or plain text. All the tools (both online and offline) claim to be super-fast, reliable, and accurate. But which should you select? This is the most challenging task. This article will provide you with the solution by discussingBest 3 PDF OCR Tools for Text Recognition PDF Files.

We have tested many online and desktop tools and selected the three best options that everyone must try. So let’s discuss them without any delay:

#1/3: Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is well known for providing the best OCR PDF services. It has an OCR system that helps you convert images and PDF files into editable and searchable documents. The best part about this tools is that it provides you with similar results without losing the original format

Features of Adobe Acrobat

  • You can edit and print the document quickly.
  • It offers the features to cut and paste the relevant text to other applications instead of downloading the whole file.
  • It enables you to export the file in any MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) format.
  • After conversion, you can move the converted data from one location to another using its in-built feature.
  • Adobe Acrobat OCR tool provides the perfect results; even you cannot judge that it is a converted file.

Adobe Acrobat Step by Step Conversion Process

Step 1: Download Adobe Acrobat form the official webpage. But you can also use some other authentic resources. After downloading, install it on your laptop or desktop.

Step 2: Open the software and upload the PDF file you want to convert. If you’re going to convert an image, convert the image into a PDF file first.

Step 3: Now click the Convert button and wait for few seconds. If you uploaded a bulk file, the system would take a little bit longer time.

Step 4: Now, your file is converted. Download or copy-paste into your desired location.

#2/3: Softworks OCR

If you want a converter for bulk files and large businesses, you must try Softworks. It comes among the best OCR desktop apps that help you extract the text from PDF and image files. It reduces human efforts by providing minimizing manual entry. With the help of this tool, you get an automated solution for your business.

Features of SoftworksOCR

  • It provides you with an improved quality of the converted text.
  • Softworks OCR supports multiple input formats.
  • For analyzing the processed pages, it uses a computer vision algorithm
  • It also supports images and graphic content in the document.

Softworks OCR step by Step Conversion Process

Step 1: Download Softworks OCR from its official website and install it on your computer.

Step 2: Open the interface and upload the PDF file you want to convert. You can also use the image for text extraction.

Step 3: After that, click on the “Start” button. The conversion process will start.

Step 4: Now, you can download your file.

#3/3: 2pdf.com

We tested many online PDF OCR and found 2pdf.com best among them. It is an all-rounder. It helps you convert images, handwritten, and PDF files into editable texts such as Word, Excel, and Text. Moreover, it is the best option for converting bank statements, invoices, passport, certificates, computerized receipts, and mails.

Features of 2pdf.com

  • This online PDF OCR tools help you to edit, search, and stored files more compactly
  • Provides various kind of output formats
  • Supports images, graphs, columns, charts, tables, and other non-textual components
  • It also supports the files containing text on images such as flyers, social media posts, etc.
  • Compatible with 14 international languages

Step-by-Step Conversion Process

Step 1: Visit the official website and select OCR from the menu bar. You can also click on the link: https://2pdf.com/ocr/

Step 2: Click the “Choose File” and select the file you want to OCR. You can choose the file from Dropbox, Google Drive, or the computer. You can also use the Drop and drag feature.

Step 3: Now, choose the language and output format (more than 10 output formats are available).

Step 4: Click on “Recognize” and download the file. You can also save the file at Dropbox, Google Drive, or the computer.

Bottom Line

We have discussed the Best 3 PDF OCR Tools for Text Recognition PDF Files. One tool is online, and the other two are desktop. Select one according to your needs. Hope this article will help you to select the right OCR tool for you.

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