Beazley introduces group strategy officer

Beasley Announced that Rachel Turk has been appointed Head of Group Strategy. The Turks (pictured) will join the company’s executive committee, which will come into effect soon. Previously, he was responsible for corporate development.

Turk joined Beazley in 2009 as a specialized D & O underwriter. She became a focus group leader in 2015 and was appointed responsible for corporate development in 2019. Prior to joining Beazley, Turk was a equity and financial analyst. She is a qualified certified accountant. The Turks are on the board of directors of the Lloyds Market Association.

“This is a very valuable promotion,” said Adrian Cox, CEO of Beazley. “Since 2019, Rachel has worked with executives to help develop and improve corporate strategies and develop plans to ensure that corporate goals are met. Over the past few years, Rachel has merged and acquired. Through this, we have promoted many important development activities, such as identifying growth opportunities in existing markets.

“She has also been instrumental in creating and succeeding our incubation underwriting team at the forefront of the quest for new products and services. Rachel’s promotion acknowledges that she has made a significant contribution to the group. And puts her at the center of defining our future strategy and direction. “

“At the core of our strategy is to do the right thing for our clients, the markets we serve, and the business as a whole, so we leverage our wealth of experience, knowledge and insights to make a real difference. We create risk services and solutions that bring us. Our clients are the key to our future success, “said Turk. “This is a particularly exciting time for Beasley. We are pleased to help drive a strategic direction during this time of change and opportunity.”

Beazley introduces group strategy officer

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