Beautiful Flowers That Will Transform Your Garden

The best addition you can have in your garden are flowers. Regardless of the season, they will make your garden more vivid, more fragrant and much sweeter. With summer just around the corner, you will certainly be spending more time outside so planting flowers that will transform your garden will be another way to keep you outside enjoying the wonderful colors and fragrances.

If this is your plan for this summer, but you don’t know where to start, here’s a short guide to what could be the most beautiful flowers to add to your garden.

Colors galore

Beautiful Flowers That Will Transform Your Garden

Among the most striking colors in the flower world is fuchsia – the bright and rich red, purples and pink varieties are hard to resist. They only last a couple of months but their blooming presence is impressive. Keep them partially shaded and protected from wind and make sure they get sufficient irrigation and rich soil.

Considered as true garden darlings, dahlias are loved and celebrated around the world at various festivals, but they can easily become a part of your garden. They’re not difficult to grow and ask for very little pampering. They need lots of sun and water to bloom, and you need to fertilize them throughout the season. If you don’t want to be bothered with staking, opt for dwarf types.

There has been a massive rise in the number of coleus cultivars in the past few years, and with each new variety, the range of colors is becoming more outrageous. Many of these varieties with cheerful, brightly-toned blossoms are available from seed, so you can plant these annuals in your garden in both sunny and shaded spots, just make sure they get enough moisture.

Hibiscus comes in several hardy varieties and adds wonderful colors to a sunny garden, but you’ll get the most out of tropical varieties. Their flowers grow as big as salad plates and explode in neon pink, orange, red and yellow. Grow them in a sunny spot but keep them protected from temperatures that go below 50°F.

Easy summer colors are brought by zinnias. There’s a huge choice of old-fashioned varieties that you’ve probably seen in your grandparents’ gardens, but now you can also have new, mildew-resistant types like the ‘Profusion’ series. They’re usually grown at the back of the border where the blooms can stand out but the mildewed foliage can remain unseen.

Blanket flower cultivars such as Gaillardia × grandiflora come in different shapes and sizes, but they all have daisy-like flowers in a brilliant combination of red, yellow and orange blooming from June to September. These sun-loving perennials are butterfly magnets and can withstand rabbit nibbling and dry soil conditions.

Tropical varieties

Beautiful Flowers That Will Transform Your Garden

If you’re nostalgic about exotic summer holidays, picking some tropical varieties for the garden could be a nice way of creating a colorful and relaxing retreat at home. The choice of tropical plants is great so you only need to pick the ones that match your aesthetics and the amount of maintenance you can provide. Probably the best way to go is to make a combination of plants of different heights so you can achieve a more layered and lush look.

For a peaceful exotic garden vibe, it’s best to have a rich mix of colors and foliage textures. Think in terms of bombastic flowers, prominent architectural statement plants and vibrant foliage. They need just a little TLC to look amazing – plenty of compost, mulch around the plants, and regular irrigation.

Fragrant flowers

Rarely anything beats the lovely fragrances of garden flowers! After all, many of our memories are connected with smells and scents, so most people are naturally drawn to fragrant flowers. Luckily, the choice of these is enormous – they come in all shapes, types and sizes. And even their fragrant qualities vary – some release their scent throughout the entire day whereas others do it only at nighttime. Also, some bloom in any season, from the onset of spring to the last days of summer.

The reason flowers produce their fragrance is to attract pollinators which are essential in continuing the plant’s life cycle. Depending on your taste and preferences, you can opt for sweet and fruity or musky-smelling roses or perhaps some strong-scented gardenias. From perfumed daphne flowers that grow in small mounding shrubs to winter and bell-shaped flowers of freesia that will reward you with a multitude of colors ranging from lavender, pink, purple, mauve, golden, white, and even bicolor.

Adding flowers to your garden will certainly create a stunning visual appeal and this is something you can do for most of the year. In terms of possibilities, your options are limitless. Whatever choice of flowers you eventually pick, the result will surely be satisfying and your garden a place to enjoy all year round!

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