Australian General Election 2022: Albanese says PM broke trust in US by delaying Labor briefing on Aukus; Morrison promises ‘gear change’ if re-elected | News from Australia

Welcoming Labour’s nearly $1 billion Medicare pledge, Wounds Australia said the policy could dramatically reduce the physical and financial suffering of more than 420,000 chronic wound patients – but only if wound prevention and treatment were included their implementation are explicitly taken into account.

The managing director of the organization Helen Jenzsaid the top panel had urged all parties and candidates to commit to delivering real solutions to Australia’s “hidden epidemic” of chronic wounds.

She said more than 420,000 Australians develop chronic wounds each year, affecting their quality of life and mental health.

Over $3 billion from health and elderly care budgets is spent on chronic wounds, and the average cost of ownership is around $4,000 — but it doesn’t have to be that way.

She said wound care needs to be a cornerstone of health and aged care qualifications.

Wounds Australia supports Labor’s announcement that it will focus on chronic conditions in its Strengthening Medicare Fund, but it will only be a meaningful policy if it encompasses the diagnosis, treatment and healing of wounds.

Our wildlife is suffering. Australia needs a comprehensive plan to protect our environment and care for our native species.
today @SenatorSurfer and i swore to fight for the tassie devil
Our Green Australia plan will restore habitat and save our wildlife from extinction.

— 💚🌏 Sarah Hanson-Young (@sarahinthesen8) May 14, 2022

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Lisa Cox

The Greens were at the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary outside Hobart today to push their environmental policies.

The party has pledged a $24.4 billion fund for habitat restoration and urban greenspace over a decade and is the first federal party to set a zero-extinction goal.

The Tasmanian Senator Peter Whish-Wilson described a coalition Proposal to scrap a recovery plan for Tasmanian devils and nearly 200 other species and habitats as ‘frighteningly short-sighted’.

Australia is in an extinction crisis and recovery plans are one of the most important tools we have to help threatened species recover.

Abandoning the Tasmanian devil now, after spending so much time, money and love keeping the cherished species alive and well, is a cruel death sentence.

Green environmental spokesman Sarah Hanson Youngsaid the party will push for independent environmental oversight – which was a key recommendation of the review of national environmental laws – in the form of an independent environmental agency.

In the balance of power, we will push the next government to enact a zero-extinction goal by 2030, create thousands of jobs to restore habitats, and set up an environmental watchdog to hold governments and companies accountable.

Over 300,000 people cast their ballots on the first day of pre-voting this year, almost triple the number on the first day of pre-voting in 2019. As of Friday, over 1.2 million voters had cast their ballots.

Caitlin Cassidy and I spoke to some voters about why they are choosing to run in the primary this year:

And now here is a comment from Catherine Murphy on the Prime Minister’s earlier comments on the change:

🧵After five weeks of being the devil you know, the PM switches to I’ve been the devil circumstances called for and going forward I’m a confident devil. He appeals again to patient women, a la the @tracygrimshaw Interview at the peak of APH #I also #Auspol

— Katharine Murphy (@murpharoo) May 14, 2022

At the beginning of this cultural reckoning, polls showed that the Prime Minister was losing favor with female voters, but over time he regained some support by appealing to patient women who roll their eyes at their husband’s weaknesses. Here he is again. Same pitch.

— Katharine Murphy (@murpharoo) May 14, 2022

Polls show some of the women Morrison lost last year have not come back (there is a marked gender gap in approval of the two leaders). But don’t assume that flip won’t get traction. He threw his mea culpa before takeoff and will make headlines for at least 72 hours.

— Katharine Murphy (@murpharoo) May 14, 2022

And better than headlines – he’ll get a fight over whether he’s fixed or mutable and all the options in between. Better than headlines saying he advocates a real wage cut. This PM knows how to change an unhelpful conversation.

— Katharine Murphy (@murpharoo) May 14, 2022

They are not superstitious, but the Warwick SES volunteers felt that Friday 13th May was going to be a challenge. As the Condamine River and other local streams began to rise, many were left isolated. With 73 people to be rescued and the deadline set, the SES jumped into action.

— Qld Fire & Emergency (@QldFES) May 14, 2022

A suspected drug importer linked to the discovery of a dead diver and a cocaine shipment at Newcastle Port has been officially denied bail, AAP reports:

A suspected drug importer linked to the discovery of a dead diver near a $20million cocaine shipment in Newcastle has been officially denied bail on drug charges.

James Lake Blee appeared at Parramatta Magistrates Court via video link on Saturday morning after being extradited from Queensland overnight.

He was arrested on Wednesday while allegedly attempting to leave Australia for Singapore.

Blee’s attorneys did not seek bail and his case was adjourned until Friday. He was officially denied bail.

Police said the 62-year-old was charged with importing a large commercial quantity of a border-controlled drug and a large commercial stockpile of drugs.

It comes as NSW Police released CCTV images of two people wanted in connection with the death of the diver found near cocaine bricks in Newcastle Harbour.

Australia’s farmers are on high alert for another mouse infestation.

Last year’s record-breaking invasion devastated rural areas, and this year’s bumper harvest is boosting mouse numbers again, writes my colleague Caitlin Cassidy.

Read the whole story here:

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Postal applications have passed 2.5 million or 14.6% of enrollments, with returns now over 1 million. or 5.8%, and preliminary polls have exceeded 1.6 million or 9.5% of enrollments. The growth from here will be the final push of the week in the pre-polls. Details below #votes #Auspol

— Antony Green — Elections (@AntonyGreenElec) May 14, 2022

And in case you missed it, the New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda ArdernShe has tested positive for Covid.

It comes at a bad time for the Prime Minister, who is forced to isolate herself while her government rolls out a emissions reduction plan and budget next week.

You can read more here:

Western Australia reports 13,162 new cases

Western Australia has registered 13,162 new cases overnight, with 292 in hospital and 10 in intensive care.

And not to go before the press, the secretary of defense, Peter DutonShe has announced a press conference for 1:15 p.m.

Australian General Election 2022: Albanese says PM broke trust in US by delaying Labor briefing on Aukus; Morrison promises ‘gear change’ if re-elected | News from Australia

Source link Australian General Election 2022: Albanese says PM broke trust in US by delaying Labor briefing on Aukus; Morrison promises ‘gear change’ if re-elected | News from Australia

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