Australia needs more social housing. That’s it | Paul Dutton of Indigenous X

THere are many articles and press conferences where the Prime Minister of Australia talks about the country being one and being guided by his wife Jenny in various aspects of his life. Scott Morrison publicly shared that he was caught in prayer with his eyes closed and his hands raised to the sky and practiced the laying on of hands, a Pentecostal healing tradition.

We ponder the idea and its image and spit out the emotional reality of what the leader has given us.

Media article about the rate of increase in homelessness in Australia and even the complete failure to clarify the problem when passing by the same prime minister who said he would put his hand to provide comfort and healing to people there are a lot of.

The country needs far more housing. that’s it. For those who never engage in home ownership simply because their work is beyond their capabilities, as their work does not guarantee long-term guarantees and people do not want to live in debt. More social housing.

The federal government, on the one hand, funded businesses without guaranteeing that spending on the program could be identified, and on the other hand, claimed job seekers and gained access to payments in the tragic experience of the pandemic. To maintain.

What do you get? Mental health funding for a variety of services is increasing, but access to Medicare may be reduced.Funds and services for people in need are reduced and there are greater restrictions on people’s access Centrelink service.

Many Aboriginal youth, especially those who graduated early from school with low literacy, struggle to use online services and are forever tied to intergenerational trauma of access, so log on to Centrelink and pay for job seekers. Does not even demand the basic rights of. Government services that they distrust.

Where does it guide us? Homeless. Living in someone else’s house and sleeping in the lounge is recognized as homeless, not accommodation. How many Aboriginal communities, missions, and homes have additional residents who are not really contained?

Multiply that number by those who come from prisons, who are also literate, and who are often ordered to prevent them from returning to their home communities.

Multiply that number by the Aborigines and non-Aborigines that society simply forgets. They are homeless for all purposes, for a variety of reasons, simply choosing to live in isolation or not finding a way back to what they consider to be modern life.

What’s happening to these people during the pandemic and rising rent and ownership costs in Australia? There is nothing. What’s happening is that many urban dwellers, who are full of wealth in urban housing, are cashing and occupying the housing market in rural areas and small towns. A small budget nationwide.

Australian society is heading for a major collapse unless it changes its attitude and protects the most vulnerable, rather than keeping it at a higher level than others in terms of wealth, transportation, social ties and positioning.

It’s time to act and care for each other.

Paul Dutton, Birkinji Man in Western New South Wales, Stolen Generations, Traditional Owner of Mutawintji National Park

Australia needs more social housing. That’s it | Paul Dutton of Indigenous X

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