Alec Baldwin quit Twitter after complaining that “everyone is screaming”

Alec Baldwin quit Twitter “for now” (Photo: Getty Images)

Alec Baldwin decided to quit Twitter after complaining about “everyone screaming” on a social media app.

30 Rock Star is a fairly active member of the site and spent the day sharing a post about Martin Luther King Jr. to commemorate the activist’s birthday before announcing his decision to leave the app. ..

“Twitter is like a party everyone is screaming at. There aren’t many parties. Goodbye, for now,” Alec told his followers.

Disappointed with the news, one of Alec’s followers said, “I look forward to your tweets every day, whether you agree or not … You often need to get out of social media madness.”

Another supportive fan said: “Just charge and we’re here when you’re ready to come back.”

“I’m sorry you need to leave. I hope someday you’ll come back and ignore the people you don’t like,” he added.

Providing further encouragement, another said:’Ignore the ugly side of Twitter. I enjoy reading your tweets and retweets. I miss you here. ”

Before Joe Biden took office as the new US president on Wednesday, 62-year-old Alec may have been keen to coordinate political conversations before Trump’s final day at the White House.

Alec famously portrayed Mr. Trump at last Saturday Night Live, which drew a lot of laughter and criticism.

His departure from Twitter also occurs just weeks after his wife Hilaria was accused of lying about Spanish heritage and he defended his wife Hilaria.

“We now live in a world hidden behind social media anonymity,” Alec began with an Instagram video.

“People feel they can say anything. They can say anything. If they aren’t in danger of getting caught and going to jail, they probably want to do anything.”

Beetle Juice actors continued:’Because they can’t do it, it involves a real commitment to do something, so to express those feelings, they say things social media In, they want to shoot it everywhere in you and spray it everywhere in you, their poison and their hatred.

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Alec Baldwin quit Twitter after complaining that "everyone is screaming"

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