Adults with ADHD face four times the odds of anxiety disorders

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Wednesday, November 24, 2021 (HealthDay News)

Attention deficit /Hyperactivity hindrance (ADHD) Is not just a childhood disorder, according to a new study ADHD 4 times more likely to have Anxiety disorder..

“The results of these findings are ADHD Will be generalized anxiety The author of the study, Esme Fuller-Thomson, is a professor at the Factor Inwentash School of Social Welfare at the University of Toronto and director of the Life Course & Institute. aging..

“There are many studies to link Adult ADHD NS depression Despite being prone to suicidal, less attention is paid to common disability and other harmful consequences throughout the life course, “Fratmson said in a college news release.

For the study, her team surveyed a nationally representative sample of approximately 6,900 respondents from the Canadian Community Health Survey-mental health.. In the sample, ADHD And had 682 Generalized anxiety disorder ((((GAD).

This connection was even more important for women with five times higher odds. anxiety Obstacles if they had ADHD, The survey results showed.

Andie MacNeil, a recent Master of Social Work (MSW) graduate who co-authored the study, said:ADHD Girls and females have been severely underdiagnosed and undertreated.These findings suggest that women with ADHD may also be more likely to experience it. anxiety, Emphasizes the need for greater support for women with ADHD. “

About 60% of people with ADHD anxiety Disability had childhood sexual or physical abuse, or adverse childhood experience such as chronic parental domestic violence, The researchers reported.

Experienced person Anxiety disorder In addition to ADHD as an adult, income is likely to be less than $ 40,000, less closely related, and a lifelong history of major depressive disorder.Probability of having anxiety ADHD disorders were six times higher than those with a lifetime history of major depressive disorder, the study authors say.

“These results highlight the importance of screening. Mental illness Lauren Karik, a recent graduate of the University of Toronto’s MSW program, a social worker at the Toronto General Hospital, said, “We will address the depressive symptoms of providing support to patients with ADHD.” GAD When depression It is a particularly vulnerable subgroup and may require targeted outreach by healthcare professionals. “

The researchers didn’t know what anxiety Treatments that participants may be receiving, said they are talk-based Cognitive behavioral therapyAlso called CBTHas been shown to be very effective in improving anxiety, depression When Symptoms of ADHD..

Fuller-Thomson said: mental health The problem is reaching out for help from other mental health professionals, including your doctor or social worker, psychologist, or psychiatrist.Effective treatment methods such as CBT, Available, which can dramatically improve a person’s quality of life. “

The report was published online on November 16th. Affect Disorder Journal..

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Prevention There are details Other concerns about ADHD..

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Adults with ADHD face four times the odds of anxiety disorders

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