Access Group Launches Access Pay Suite

With the launch of Access PaySuite, Access Group is responding to the rapid growth of online payments.

Launch of Access Pay Suite

Access Group has announced the launch of the new Access Pay Suite. FCA certified A payment department focused on an integrated payment experience.

Access Group is one of the UK’s leading software providers, establishing PaySuite alongside existing software in specific sectors such as finance, HR, hospitality, health and social care rather than profit, education and construction. By doing so, customers will benefit from an integrated, seamless and innovative approach to payments tailored to the industry in which they operate.

Acquisition and integration

The launch of Access PaySuite, which continues to build a remarkable growth period, has become one company that combines the strengths of each organization, following the acquisition and integration of Rapidata, EazyCollect, and Eazipay.

In the last 12 months, many businesses have been forced to pivot, 53% of consumers prefer to pay via digital channels, and 42% of business-to-business payments worldwide are made via digital channels. It is estimated that it has become.

Online subscription payments are also expected to grow by a staggering 72% in 2022, highlighting the need for organizations to consider digital payment services and implement more streamlined payment technologies.

Access PaySuite is intended to be at the forefront of these changes in the payments environment, with new solutions helping business recover and across non-profit sectors such as finance, insurance, utilities, telecommunications and lotteries. It plays an essential role in promoting growth.

Access PaySuite is a simple and intuitive platform that can be tailored to the needs of different customers by automating the payment process and ensuring that direct debit is set up and created on time, with recurring payments. Just click a few times.

Advanced solutions are designed not only to give you a better understanding of cash flow and performance, but also to reduce the time spent tracking payment delays and failures. Suitable for those who can manage online payments, direct debits, integrated payment solutions and offer subscription business, membership, or installment payment options to consumers.

Additional costs for small businesses

Latest analysis Government data, Published as part of the Access Group report “Are you ready for future payments?” Now shows that about 78% of SMEs wait more than a month after the agreed terms and receive the funds to pay them, each costing about £ 5,000 a year. Larger organizations can have problems because inflexible and outdated payment systems do not communicate with each other, resulting in lost time, missed opportunities, and general frustration.

Andrea Dunlop, Managing Director of AccessPaySuite, said: “In an increasingly digital world, people expect a frictionless payment experience, whether they’re dealing with retailers, charities, utilities, or government agencies.

“Our vision is to enable organizations to take full advantage of new payment developments without becoming an expert. Access PaySuite provides customers with a seamless payment experience to expand their business and expand their business. Guarantees an integrated, friction-free process that helps accelerate growth.

Access Group Launches Access Pay Suite

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