A sharp increase in the expression of women’s sports boards

Women’s voice in governance has been amplified across the sports and recreation sector, with more than half of Sport NZ partners achieving the Gender Equality goal of the Board in 2018 to 91% in 2021. Is increasing.

This target was developed to support the government’s 2018 strategy for women and girls in sports and active recreation.

Of Sport NZ’s 64 eligible partner organizations, 58 have achieved their goal of 40% self-identifying women on the board of directors. The remaining six must be compliant by December 31, this year. Sport NZ is working with them as they continue to work towards their goals.

This goal applies to partners with an annual investment of more than $ 50,000.

On the third anniversary of the strategy, SportNZ CEO Raelene Castle said he was grateful for the way the sector worked hard to support the initiative and bring about positive change.

Sports NZ CEO Leleen Castle.Photoport

“This initiative proves that if targets are deployed in the right way and the organization is provided with the right support to achieve them, they can be incredibly successful.

“It is very important that all boards across our sector reflect the communities in which they serve. Better decisions are made when there are more diverse voices in the room.”

The New Zealand Rugby League is one of the organizations that has already achieved its goals. Hugh Martin said board diversity enhances decision-making by bringing greater perspectives and expressions to the table.

“Women’s participation in the rugby league has almost tripled since 2016. We recognize that 50% of our internal staff and 60% of our executive team are women, and that women across the grassroots sports committee I am encouraged by increasing the number of representatives. “

“But we’re not there yet. We continue to promise to continue striving for greater diversity and expression across all levels of the game.”

The benefit of the Gender Equality initiative of the Board of Directors is that it results in non-compliance. If the Board is not in the process of achieving gender diversity by the end of 2021, SportNZ will consider actions that include reducing funding.

Sport NZ will continue to support organizations in need of assistance in achieving their gender equality goals. This provides access to a pool of approximately 200 women with the ability to serve on the board of directors of a country, district, zone or region identified by SportNZ in collaboration with the Appoint Better Boards on the Women in Governance Talent Pool. included.

“The Womenin Government Talent Pool is a great asset and we encourage organizations looking for female representatives to take advantage of it,” says Castle.

“Sports NZ is not the only organization advocating diversity. We share the story of our sector with others, so they should embark on their own journey towards gender equality on the board. Can be inspiring. “

The Gender Equality Policy of the Board was one of SportNZ’s 24 commitments in 2018 in response to government women and girls in active recreation and sports strategies.

Other highlights of SportNZ’s performance over the last three years’ strategy are:
-60 women across 12 codes participating in the Womenin High Performance Sport pilot designed to address women’s underestimation in coaching and leadership roles
-For coaches working with junior high school athletes, 62% of the coaches selected in the Coaching for Impact program were women.
-$ 2 million to support nine projects funded under the Revitalization Fund for Young Women to expand existing participating projects or initiatives.
-One-third of all New Zealand sports coverage has been analyzed in a two-year study to understand the gender balance between sports media coverage and sports coverage.
-The first diversity and inclusiveness survey conducted by employees and the entire board of directors, involving 1,700 people from 154 organizations.

A sharp increase in the expression of women’s sports boards

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