A scam campaign launched by the CMA, as 70% of online shoppers are scammed

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has launched an online campaign to help shoppers spot and avoid misleading e-commerce practices after finding that 71% of consumers have been robbed online.

IN guardian of competition a brand new campaign is launched Online robber type-Off to help shoppers spot and avoid misleading online practices as they become “increasingly concerned” about “sneaky” sales tactics.

The campaign is led by TV presenter and consumer champion Angelica Bell, co-host of The Martin Lewis Money Show.

A study by the competition regulator found that seven out of 10 online shoppers have experienced potential thefts such as subscription traps and hidden fees, potentially causing significant financial and emotional damage.

Other dubious tactics include false reviews and pressurized sales, which give buyers a false impression of the limited availability or popularity of a product or service.

The survey found that buyers are most concerned about hidden fees (85%), followed by subscription traps (83%), fake reviews (80%) and pressure sales (50%).

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“As online shopping grows and grows, we are increasingly concerned about companies that use misleading sales tactics, such as selling pressure or hidden fees, to trick people into parting with their money,” he said. CMA Andrea Koseli.

“None of us would accept these tactics in the real world. But we may not realize how much they affect what we buy online. So we launched the Online Rip-Off Council to help bring power back to buyers.

“Only when we all know what these tricks are and how they are designed to manipulate and mislead are we better prepared to avoid them.”

Matthew Upton, Director of Policy at Citizens’ adviceHe added: “Although many companies play fair, we all too often hear about online shoppers being deceived by fake reviews, time pressures or serious deals.

“We hope the Online Hints Grab campaign helps shoppers spot incorrect sales tactics – such as offers that seem too good to be true, or some pressure to buy now, and report them.”

“In this way, we can help attract unscrupulous merchants to book and everyone to shop more safely online.”

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A scam campaign launched by the CMA, as 70% of online shoppers are scammed

Source link A scam campaign launched by the CMA, as 70% of online shoppers are scammed

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