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5 Tips to Make Your Marriage Last Longer

Although marriage is a blessing, you should not take it for granted. Learn how to make your marriage last longer with these 5 tips.

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How To Make Your Marriage Last Longer

While marriage is one of the best things that can happen in your life, you have to do your part to keep the fire burning. Otherwise, you run the risk of things becoming stale. If your partner truly means something to you and you want to keep them in your life, be sure to keep on reading, as we’re about to reveal 5 tips on how to make your marriage last longer:

 1. Find something you both enjoy doing together

Besides the obvious, you need to ask yourself this: what could you both be doing together to keep it social and fun? Is there a hobby you both enjoy? Start with that – from now on, you’ll be dedicating more time to it. Unlike Live Casinos New Zealand, which will tell you all about the current proposals and keep information up-to-date, life is full of surprises, so get everything from it. If you’re fresh out of ideas, why not do something wild, something you’ve never done before? For instance, go mountaineering, bungee jumping, or windsurfing. Or you could play a good old game of truth and dare. It’s up to you.

2. Go through the old memories

Do you have a photo album stocked full of memories? If not, now might be a good time to make one. By going through it, you’ll get to relive some of your life’s most mesmerising highlights; not only will you be reminded of the magic that bonds you together, but also is taken aback by what the two of you have been together. All the while, you’ll be spending quality time as a couple and hopefully making plans on what the next chapter of your lives might be.

3. Do the chores into a game

No one likes chores. They’re dull, boring, and repetitive. But alas, they make for a necessary part of the daily routine; at the end of the day, someone needs to do the dishes and take out the trash. But why succumb to the soul-sapping routine if you can make it into a game instead? Tony Sloterman, the product owner at Casino Bonuses Finder, believes in the power of gamification. In essence, it’s about instilling a friendly yet competitive spirit into something that becomes fun to do as a result. You could make it as simple or as complex as you want. Are you short on time? Try rock, paper, scissors, and the loser has to do the chore. Feeling like getting some exercise in? A game of Frisbee might be just the thing you’re looking for.

4. Give (and receive) a healthy dose of cuddles every day

Research shows that something as simple as a single hug per day could significantly improve your emotional wellbeing. And, of course, it will keep both of you connected on a spiritual level. While you’re at it, don’t forget to ask your significant other how their day has been. The key point to remember is that you should not respond by offering advice on any issues they might be having, as counter-intuitive as it sounds. The purpose is to lend an ear to their troubles and give them the emotional support they need to get through the day.

5. Do more of what brought you together

How did you guys meet? Was there a certain passion or common interest that brought you together? Pinpoint what it was and be sure to do it even more from now on. This will remind you that it truly is a miracle that two awesome like-minded individuals such as yourselves got a chance to meet and create your own universe by choosing to go through life together. It will make you cherish the opportunity you’ve been given and realise it doesn’t come about too often. In fact, some people wait for it their entire lives!


Do some of the things noted above, and you will rekindle the fire that once was burning in your relationship. The aim is not necessarily to fall in love all over again but develop mutual and deeply-rooted respect and appreciation for each other that will carry you through thick and thin.

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