5 tips that can save your life at Tinder dating

The computer applications Tinder and eHarmony have really been a trend for almost a while now. Since the COVID-19 outbreak emerged last year across the globe, it took away our comfort of dining with our friends and family and meeting them outside our houses. The same was with everyone’s dating life as well. This has given rise to online dating via a lot of applications, the most well-known being Tinder.

However, not everything is as lovely as it seems in the world of internet dating. Online dating, like the real world, comes with its own set of pitfalls to consider. There are a plethora of dangers lurking in online dating applications, ranging from financial scams to stalking and extortion. As a result, if you intend to locate your life partner through the use of Tinder, taking precautions to safeguard yourself is an absolute necessity.

Here are five tips that can save your life at Tinder dating:

  1. Do not share too much: Once you’ve said something to someone, it’s impossible to retract it. It is impossible for them to “undo” what you have said, even if you later come to regret it. Providing them with sensitive information may cause their first perceptions of you to be biased. Your limits and self-esteem may be called into doubt as a result of this.

It is understandable to share your vulnerable side to your potential date when you think you are comfortable with them. But you need to make sure that once you do that, you might face phases of emotional blackmailing if that person is toxic. The person can use the weak points and exploit you for nothing in case you break up. But do not let that go into your desperation. Just be careful who you tell your darkest secrets to.

  1. Keep your research tight: Tinder does not conduct background checks or verify the identity of any of its users. To put it another way, as a user who decides to engage in online dating, you must take responsibility for protecting yourself by screening possible matches.

Criminals can now more easily disguise themselves behind a Tinder profile thanks to technological advancements. For them, establishing a fictitious persona is a simple matter of time and effort. They may even take advantage of stolen identities in some cases. As a result, it is critical that you thoroughly examine your possible suitor before entering into a relationship with him or her.

When you first meet someone and begin conversing with them, a simple search online and a scan of their social media accounts can help you determine whether or not the person you met is a real one. Keep an eye out for social media profiles that contain only a couple of photos or only a few friends – this could be an indication that the profile is a bogus one, to begin with.

The easiest way to do this is to look for potential dates on social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Observe their activity and see if the interactions and friends look real or it’s just a fake account.

You can also use Nuwber and put their name in the search bar. Hit enter and check the info that comes up. Check if the contact details and social media profiles match with the ones that your potential date provided. If they don’t – the person is lying.

If you are concerned about appearing creepy or insincere by researching someone’s background before meeting them, don’t be!

The bottom line is that it is a matter of personal safety, and a little detective work may reveal some severe red flags that you would have otherwise missed. Stalk for your betterment. Do not feel guilty.

  1. Let someone you trust know about your potential date: This person you trust with your whole heart can be your best friend or someone from your family. The purpose of this is to pick someone who you trust the most and tell them everything about the online date. Do not miss any detail, tell them everything and ask them for a second opinion. Ask them what they think about the guy/girl you are currently dating. Are there any red flags? Are they lying about something?

Getting a second opinion about dating from the person who truly cares about you is very important. These people you trust mean no harm to you and would always wish the best for you. So do not ignore what they say. Listen to them and trust their instincts, along with your own.

  1. Let them know when you are uncomfortable: Whether it is meeting in public and consuming too much alcohol, or them saying something that genuinely offends, tell them right away. This strategy will always show the one who is to stay and who is to leave a hollow relationship.

Companionship is a blissful thing but being respected for your boundaries should be the top priority. If a guy/girl you are dating says or does something that makes you uncomfortable or weird, do not be afraid of being vocal. Always state your boundaries clearly and ensure you respect them, even if the other person doesn’t. Your comfort and safety are much more important than any date that can potentially ruin your day or even risk your life.

  1. Trust your instincts: Online dating is risky no matter how nice a person seems. Most times a person may give off a certain vibe that doesn’t sit right with you. Don’t ignore your instincts, they are there to protect you.  And when dealing with strangers, you can never be too careful. Remain on guard till you feel comfortable and even then, still stay alert and listen to yourself.

Conclusion: Online dating is a daunting practice. You can take interest in anyone just by looking at some of their best pictures published online, after they’ve written up a bio or profile that would seem the most attractive to potential dates.

The situation can, however, end negatively as the potential date may not be who they claim to be i.e. be a scammer or an abuser. The chances of getting emotionally, mentally, and physically hurt are endless. You need to make sure you protect yourself when looking to date someone on Tinder.


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