2021 Record of investment in vegan companies

Creative workspace and accelerator Hackle tree Today we are announcing the release of Future Insights: The FoodTech Report 2021. Reports produced on the data platform Beauhurst examine the companies and trends that will shape the future of the industry.

FoodTech ecosystem analysis

Most of the reports focus on the industry ecosystem, outlining the current situation and highlighting past investment trends and potential future opportunities.

The main findings are as follows.

  • The UK’s fast-growing ecosystem has launched 863 FoodTech companies since 2011. Of these, 650 are still active and fast-growing companies. During that time, 67 people left the company and the remaining 146 were shut down.

  • In the decade from 2011 to 2020, these companies raised a huge equity investment of £ 2.6 billion over 1202 rounds and received £ 97.6 million through 461 grants.

  • The top year of value-based investment was 2019, with huge funding worth £ 678m.

  • Almost half (526) of the 1,202 transactions made in the last decade were the first to secure equity financing by the trading company. Huckletree predicts that FoodTech’s business ecosystem is clearly in its infancy and that transactions will skyrocket in the coming years.

The report also explored the UK regions that could be considered hubs of FoodTech activities by measuring the amount of active, high-growth FoodTech startups by region. London is by far the densest company, home to 234, with Westminster, Islington and Camden emerging as the most prominent districts.

Looking outside London, Edinburgh came in second with 20 companies, and Bristol City (10), Birmingham (9), Glasgow (8) and Leeds (8) were also home to promising companies.

Emerging Sector – AgriTech and Veganism

The report also looked at specific sectors within FoodTech by outlining the number of active, high-growth companies by sector.

Precision agriculture topped the list with 35 companies, followed by service-on-demand (26), artificial intelligence (23), and urban agriculture (13). The industry’s focus on agriculture reflects FoodTech’s contribution to the fight against climate change and resource waste, and the report creates innovative ways to access food and creates new and more sustainable production. It focuses on many companies that invent methods.

Veganism has also emerged as a fast-growing sector in analyzing investment trends – in 2020, a British vegan food tech company raised £ 64 million through 51 transactions. So far, more than £ 90m has already been secured in 2021 and 2021 is expected to raise record highs.

Huckletree recently announced a dedicated space on the “Futures Hub” of FoodTech’s flagship White City workspace. In this space are B-Corp’s revolutionary dairy products, The Collective Dairy, Remeo Gelato, premium Italian ice cream, and Forward Fooding, a food company consulting firm built on FoodTech data intelligence.

Leo Medley, General Manager of Hackle Tree White City, commented: “The world’s population is projected to reach nearly 10 billion by 2050, and FoodTech’s innovations are becoming a moral need. AI from the rise of on-demand meat substitutes and groceries. Up to leveraged agritech, the future of the FoodTech sector is increasingly guided by consumer attitudes towards conscious consumption, climate and convenience. The future hub at Huckletree White City is the UK’s leading FoodTech. Some proud homes of the enterprise. This is a dedicated paradise for startups and global brands that carve out our future way of life: how we sleep, think, move and, of course, eat. . “

To read the entire report, please visit / research / future-insights-foodtech /.

2021 Record of investment in vegan companies

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