1/3 workers grow away from workplace BFF

A new study assesses the impact of Covid-19 on our professional social life and workplace friendships and connections.

Covid-19 Professional Social Impact

According to a survey by Ezra, a leading provider of digital coaching, the majority of UK workers feel that pandemics are affecting the social aspects of their work life, with one-third coming from the BFF at work. He states that he has grown away.

We are committed to paying invoices and facilitating professional development, but the social aspect is to steam with colleagues at the end of the day or to entertain clients at lunch. , Is an important part of the workplace for many.

In fact, Ezra found that 73% of British office workers value the social aspects of the work environment and 14% believe it is very important.

However, the pandemic exacerbated this aspect of the workplace, with 65% saying they saw a decline in occupational social life.


Not surprisingly, remote working is the number one reason for this decline, and many are unable to meet colleagues directly or over the network except on Zoom calls. Flexible work Also, many people find themselves working on different days than their colleagues, causing a decline.

Layoffs and redundancy were also factors, but some were different due to Covid issues. vaccination..

Missing workplace BFF

Not only did these pandemic-related issues reduce the social aspects of many workplaces, but 32% of workers said they grew away from the workplace BFF during the pandemic.

Nick Goldberg, the founder of Ezra, commented:

“Pandemic is a problem for many, and while some of us are lucky enough to continue working, we are adapting to remote or flexible work and online conferencing life.

This new way of working can be daunting, but problematic professional periods can be overcome with proper management, clear communication, and weekly goals for accountability.

However, it is much more difficult to recreate the social aspects of working in a real workplace. For some, this means having a hard time building relationships with existing clients and getting new clients with Zoom. Others are missing a coffee orchid with a colleague who helps keep them sane, while others are simply missing a drink on the way home from work with someone at their favorite workplace.

These aspects of working life are arguably important to help us fully function, so it is important to balance remote work and the physical workplace so that they are not lost. .. “

1/3 workers grow away from workplace BFF

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