Zootopia stimulates the joy of learning-School News

“We all go to the zoo tomorrow, the zoo tomorrow, the zoo tomorrow …”

This is a song that has been sung for decades on the eve of the most widely loved school trip. The song may not have changed, but the zoo is definitely …

With the global climate at stake, our natural environment has never seemed so valuable. With wildlife threatened, conservation is an urgent topic that is more accepted and promoted among young people than ever before. In addition to that, the lack of the ability to travel freely to witness many of the world’s wildlife in natural habitats, and further reasons why you put a trip to the zoo at the top of the list of school trip priorities. I have.

At zoos, which provide sensory overload with sight, sound, and often smell, children can be enthusiastic about running in the wild and exploring everything. Lack of enthusiasm is rarely a problem on this excursion. The joy of seeing majestic creatures, previously seen only in books and movies, is not only a memory of life, but an opportunity to develop speech and language skills, broaden the horizons of the world and gain an understanding of the environment. The educational benefits of providing are endless. Fostering compassion, experiencing hands-on learning, raising self-awareness, exploring boundaries and enjoying outdoor exercise are one of the learning opportunities.

The zoo can manage to hit its elusive formula that it is as fun as it is educational. Of all the school trips, this is what they want!

Oakland Zoo is passionate about developing future conservationists

Oakland Zoo is passionate about developing the next generation of conservation scientists in Aotearoa as a conservation science organization whose mission is to bring people together to build the future of wildlife.

The various themed programs offered by the zoo’s Nature Maintenance Learning Team are a testament to this passion and commitment. Programs range from preschool tamariki time (story time through singing, dancing and play) to primary and secondary programs tailored to the needs of the annual level and New Zealand curriculum, and specialized sessions for tertiary groups. included.

Image courtesy of Oakland Zoo

“Our zoo is a stunning 16 + ha outdoor” classroom “. It’s an exciting place for curious young people, providing a great opportunity for students to stay in nature and connect, learn and inspire wildlife throughout Aotearoa and around the world. ” Lizzie Lockhart, Mandatory Operations Manager, said.

“For some Tamariki, we can offer them the opportunity to connect with nature in new ways and open up a whole new and exciting world of learning.”

Nature maintenance learning sessions take place outside the zoo’s dynamic classroom space and zoo and are linked to New Zealand’s science curriculum, which focuses specifically on the living world and the nature of science.

“Performing every session is an important value of Zoo. As we are all connected to nature, we all have the responsibility and role to play as our precious wildlife and wildlife opticists. And that we are conservation optimists who can stand together for good!

Image courtesy of Oakland Zoo

“Whether you’re focusing on the endemic Taonga of Aotearoa here or on alien species deep in Southeast Asia and Africa, students face these threatened wildlife. You can learn about the various conservation issues that exist. They interact with zoo staff who are passionate about making a difference and encouraging others to do the same, helping to conserve wild species. You can leave small manageable actions that you can do to. “

Zoo sessions offer students a wealth of other learning opportunities, from encouraging oral language and writing skills to using the design principles of a technology curriculum when investigating world-class animal habitats.

Zootopia stimulates the joy of learning-School News

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