You probably don’t want to be diagnosed with a heart attack or cancer in October in New South Wales, says AMA boss | Health

Cardiologists and nephrologists are being sought for assistance in the Covid ward. New South Wales As the hospital system prepares for an increase in patients.

This is affecting medical services outside of Covid, and doctors say the relocation of staff from other disciplines and wards has created a serious labor shortage. Claim case surge..

Anthony Burn, St. Vincent’s Chest and Pulmonologist SydneyThe doctor said he was drawn from a clinic that examines and diagnoses patients with non-Covid problems in order to work on Covid.

“That’s an important message,” Burn said. “We already know that in our hospital, doctors who are not respiratory or intensive care unit doctors are taking care of Covid patients, so we are calling on our colleagues. Cardiologists and nephrologists, they are coming and really helping.

“Why? Because we need help. We don’t have enough.”

Byrne said this was “very rare” given the highly specialized nature of medicine.

“I mean you have been training for years to specialize, and you may just have stents and coronary arteries, or even in respiratory medicine you just have asthma And suddenly we need your help at Covid, “Barn said. “Currently, there are neurologists and cardiologists who care for Covid patients. Of course, we all have general medical training to become doctors, so that’s okay, but a lot. People have not provided non-specialized medical care for many years. “

The flow-on effect was that patients in need of health care not related to Covid were also affected.

Federal AMA President Dr. Omar Corsid told ABC on Wednesday that it was “very rational” for New South Wales to plan a reopening, but “our concern is the timing of its opening. This will devastate New South Wales and even the health sector. “

“You probably don’t want to have a heart attack or be diagnosed with cancer in October in New South Wales. You need to do everything you can to avoid opening the hospital too early. “He said.

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Dr. Burn agreed.

“I met another patient today, and he received a new diagnosis of suspicious lung cancer, but we need to take another step to really confirm it,” Burn said. rice field.

“Currently, due to the lack of operating room time and staff, it is very difficult to carry out the procedure and it takes time to bring the patient in for the procedure to diagnose lung cancer. This is the workforce. Yes, modeling is said to have more space in terms of space, but it also requires staff.

“According to a survey from Melbourne after the second wave of last year, the staff are very tired and some staff don’t want to go back to work. I’m worried here. It hasn’t peaked yet. Seems like this is still with us for months, thinking about all surgery canceled, all patients with all other medical problems who haven’t seen a doctor for months Look. Everything will happen, even after the worst Covid. “

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Dr. Daniel McMullen, president of the New South Wales Chapter of the Australian Medical Association, said that all parts of the system were under pressure and “the downstream impact on physician morale is alarming.” ..

“It’s amazing to see how much pressure the hospital was under before the crisis, and given what we’re facing now, it’s very faced,” McMullen said. I did.

You probably don’t want to be diagnosed with a heart attack or cancer in October in New South Wales, says AMA boss | Health

Source link You probably don’t want to be diagnosed with a heart attack or cancer in October in New South Wales, says AMA boss | Health

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