YAHAHA Studios Secures $ 50 Million to Launch No-Code Metaverse

YAHAHA Studios has announced an investment of $ 50 million after raising three funds in six months for its launch in early 2022. YAHAHA’s new no-code development platform, the game’s metaverse, is a pioneer in next-generation entertainment.

Founded in 2020, YAHAHA is a world-class virtual user-generated content (UGC) metaverse that brings together creators to combine virtual and real in multiple dimensions. Developers created with YAHAHA by a team of veteran Unity players can create new games or monetize existing games. With code-free entry levels and thousands of artworks, YAHAHA’s interactive studio supports creators with all levels of experience, unleashes creativity and makes building games easier than ever.

Leading a new era in the gaming industry, YAHAHA offers a set of open, modular online services for game development, allowing creators to freely distribute games to all platforms, allowing players to make online with friends. Allows you to connect. YAHAHA harnesses the power of existing Unity assets and their built-in “Studio” tools to reduce development time. Developers can not only open and rejuvenate existing games, but also create new ones, allowing users to experience a myriad of virtual worlds with customized cross-game avatars.

Chris Zhu, CEO of YAHAHA Studios, Says: “Achieving a $ 50 million investment is very exciting for us. Founded by a team of veteran Unity, YAHAHA Studios is key to leading the next generation of entertainment as the Metaverse continues to grow. YAHAHA connects users around the world through virtual entertainment to provide both game developers and gamers with a unique creative and social experience.

“Through YAHAHA, we are empowering creators of all levels, from established developers to those who create the first game. Anyone can be a creator of the virtual world. Fully launched this year. We are really looking forward to growing our team and realizing the first stage of our vision for the future of content creation. “

Headquartered in Finland, with an office for R & D in China and business development in South Korea, the YAHAHA team has a unique perspective on growth and priority inclusiveness, diversity and innovation in open culture. Toward its launch, YAHAHA has created many new roles throughout the business and is actively hiring fresh talent.

YAHAHA was founded by Chris Zhu (CEO), Pengfei Zhang (COO) and Hao Min (CTO). With extensive experience in the gaming industry, the trio is in a professional position to launch YAHAHA and give users the power and freedom of creativity. Last year, YAHAHA was awarded the prestigious title by The Information for one of the 50 most promising tech startups. This shows that the industry already considers it remarkable.

Unity developers can check out the details on and sign up now to join the YAHAHA Revolution.

YAHAHA Studios Secures $ 50 Million to Launch No-Code Metaverse

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