WTW specializes in selecting global customer support

WTW announced the selections of Elizabeth Carabas and Jennifer Wheeler as global consumer sponsors. In their innovations, they will focus on bringing business knowledge and strong insights to customers.

Carabas identifies WTW as a global customer base in technology, media and telecommunications. He has more than 20 years of brokerage experience in Silicon Valley and an in -depth knowledge of risk, with experience in digital technology and managing large accounts. Carabas ’knowledge of dealing with large and complex issues enhances WTW’s ability to bring unique advice and information to its customers.

Wheeler has more than 25 years of global economic experience, based in San Francisco. He has in -depth knowledge of property, death, and auto insurance, as well as an understanding of the complex issues facing life sciences and technology industry leaders. Its leadership skills, knowledge of global projects, and other transformational insights strengthen WTW’s ability to provide unique, informed -based leadership to customers who are navigating global challenges. difficult, the company said.

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“Liz and Jennifer have in -depth professional and technical knowledge in understanding the world’s complex issues and creating independent change systems to manage those critical areas,” he said. and Chuck Shay, leader of WTW’s West Region, crisis management and broking, United States. “Their knowledge of the market, as well as an appreciation for establishing economic development advice, will provide customers from WTW with the best possible guidance. I look forward to working with them.”

WTW specializes in selecting global customer support

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