WTA will suspend all tournaments in China to assist Peng Shuai … endanger £ 30 million prize money

On November 2, 2021, when Peng Shuai posted a complaint of sexual assault against senior Chinese government officials, the Women’s Tennis Association acknowledged that Peng Shuai’s message must be listened to and taken seriously. WTA players are worth more than women around the world, not to mention.

From that moment on, Peng Shuai showed the importance of speaking, especially when it comes to sexual assault, and especially when powerful people are involved. As Peng said in her post, “Whether it’s like an egg hitting a rock, or a moth I’m drawn to by flames and causing self-destruction, I’m true about you. She knew the dangers she faced, but she became public anyway. I admire her strength and courage.

Since then, Peng’s message has been removed from the Internet and discussions on this serious issue have been censored in China. Chinese authorities have been given the opportunity to stop this censorship, verify that Peng can speak freely and without interference or intimidation, and investigate allegations of sexual assault in a complete, fair and transparent manner.

Unfortunately, Chinese leadership does not address this very serious problem in a reliable way. We now know where Peng is, but we have serious doubts that she is free and safe and has not been censored, coerced or threatened. The WTA has clarified what is needed here, and has repeatedly called for a complete and transparent investigation of Peng Shuai’s sexual assault charges without censorship.

None of this is acceptable and cannot be accepted. If powerful people can suppress the voice of women and wipe out allegations of sexual assault under the rug, the foundation on which the WTA was established-female equality-will suffer immense setbacks. I won’t let the WTA and its players wake it up and I can’t.

As a result, and with the full support of the WTA Board, we announce the immediate suspension of all WTA tournaments in China, including Hong Kong.

Conscientiously, I don’t know how to ask athletes to compete there when Peng Shuai is unable to communicate freely and is under pressure to contradict allegations of sexual assault. Given the current situation, we are also very concerned about the risks faced by all players and staff when hosting an event in China in 2022.

I am pleased with the enormous amount of international support the WTA has received for its position on this issue. People are more urgent than ever to speak to further protect Peng and many other women around the world. WTA will do everything possible to protect the player. While we do so, I hope that leaders around the world will continue to speak out and be able to do justice for Peng and all women, regardless of their financial implications.

I am very sorry that I have come this far. The tennis community in China and Hong Kong is full of wonderful people with whom we have worked together for many years. They should be proud of their achievements, hospitality, and success. However, we cannot endanger our players or staff by hosting an event in China unless China takes the steps we are looking for. Chinese leaders have left the WTA with no choice. We hope that our petition will be heard and that the Chinese authorities will take steps to legally address this issue.

WTA will suspend all tournaments in China to assist Peng Shuai … endanger £ 30 million prize money

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