Women more open to weight loss surgery

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Friday, January 10, 2014 (HealthDay News)-Women are more likely than men to seek weight loss surgery, according to a new study.

And men are usually older, obese, and ill than women. The researchers discovered it when they were seen by a doctor.

“It’s important to recognize that obesity poses a serious threat to health and longevity for men,” said Dr. Mohammed Ali, senior research author and senior research author at the University of California, Davis, in a university news release. That’s it. ” “Patients who weigh more than 100 pounds above their ideal weight pose a therapeutic dilemma and need to be referred to a surgeon.”

Ali said weight loss surgery can help obese men, but surgeons must weigh the potential benefits to the risk of patients with postoperative complications.

“If an obese man is referred, this risk is greatly reduced. [weight-loss] A surgeon before the onset of serious complications. “

Published in the December issue of the journal for research Surgical endoscopyResearchers examined data from approximately 1,400 patients evaluated for weight loss surgery at the University of California, Davis between 2002 and 2006. Almost 82 percent of patients were women.

Male patients had more obesity-related health problems than females (mean 4.5 vs 4.2) and had more serious forms of these conditions. For example, men were more likely to suffer from hypertension (69% vs. 55%), diabetes (36% vs. 29%), and obstructive sleep apnea (72% vs. 46%). Metabolic syndrome, a combination of conditions that increase the risk of heart disease, was also more common among men (21 percent vs. 15 percent).

Men also tended to have a high body mass index (BMI), a measure of body fat based on height and weight. The average BMI for men was close to 49, while the average BMI for women was less than 47. A BMI greater than 40 is considered severe obesity.

Other differences: Male patients were about 2 years older than female patients and were more likely to be 50 years or older.

At the time Ali conducted the analysis, 70% of the patients studied had weight loss surgery, but only 14% of men.

–Robert Preidt

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Source: University of California, Davis, News Release, January 7, 2014

Women more open to weight loss surgery

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