Winter sun guarantees sunscreen

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Wednesday, February 3 (HealthDay News)-For many, winter is the time to set aside swimwear, sandals, and sunscreen.

The first two are fine (unless you’re cruising somewhere warm).But health experts say you shouldn’t get rid of it now Sunscreen..

Dr. April Armstrong, a dermatologist and assistant professor in Sacramento, California, said: University of California, Davis School of Medicine. “Often, some people get the false sense of security from cold Conclude that temperature and they have not experienced the harmful effects of UV [ultraviolet] Rays. As a result, some people may not be so keen on applying sunscreen during the winter months. “

In fact, some may not apply it at all, he is a clinical associate professor of dermatology at New York University School of Medicine. Skin cancer Foundation.

“People should wear sunscreen all year round,” she said. But she suspects that less than 20% of the population does.

Certainly UV B-rays that cause sunburn Skin cancer -It’s not that intense during the winter, Cowber said. However, the UVA rays remain constant and Skin cancer Not just the skin aging, She said.

“Winter sports can put a strain on your skin,” Armstrong said. “In winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing, people are often exposed to the sun for extended periods of time.”

Exposed skin captures UV rays from above and below, even if it’s just the face. Rays from the sun and reflections from snow.

Dr. Elizabeth Tanji, an assistant professor of dermatology at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore and a dermatologist in Washington, DC, said:

Think of it as if you were on the beach, even if the temperature is below zero.Use at least sunscreen SPF (((Sunscreen Reapply every 2-3 hours with a factor of 30.

According to Armstrong, lips also need protection, so try lip balm with SPF.

And wearing sunglasses Not only to prevent Cataract, Cowber said, but it also helps prevent Skin cancer Around the that cancer, She said, it’s not unusual.

According to Armstrong, the rules for using sunscreen in winter are quite similar to those in summer. Wear sunscreen daily, reapply frequently, and choose cream-based products over lotions. If you are skiing hard, you may need additional applications. sweating..

Also, make sure that the sunscreen you choose is protected from both UVA and UVB rays. Cowber said he is instructing people to look for sunscreens that are physical blockers containing zinc oxide. Physical blockers do not absorb UV light, but reflect or scatter it.

For those who aren’t involved in outdoor sports, it’s probably reasonable to wear a moisturizer with sunscreen, Cowber said. But make sure the SPF is at least 30, she said.

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Winter sun guarantees sunscreen

Source link Winter sun guarantees sunscreen

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