William Shatner congratulates Star Trek legend on space

Tim Peak (l) and Piers Morgan (r) are one of the stars reacting to William Shatner’s space voyage (Photo: Rex / Getty).

William Shatner became a wonder of Hollywood and the wider world after becoming the oldest man to fly into space.

Star Trek legend boarding Blue originCourtesy of the latest in-flight New Shepard rocket from Earth Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos‘ society.

At the age of 90 Shatner made history as the oldest In space.

When he landed safely on Earth, the celebrity responded to a voyage that made history. Piers Morgan Tweets:’Latest News: William Shatner has boldly gone to places that humans of his age have never been to. wonderful. ”

Tim Peake, the first British astronaut to leave Earth and board the International Space Station (ISS) in 2015, commented: Congratulations @WilliamShatner. It’s nice to hear you talking very emotionally about your experience. # Viewfromabove # space. ‘

The message for the official WWE Twitter account is: “Congratulations to William Shatner, the first to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame!”

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson dropped some interesting gems about Shatner’s flight and said: ‘Godspeed @ William Shatner. It reaches Mach 3 (3 times the speed of sound) when climbing. This is 0.00034% of Warp Factor 1, but this is the beginning. ”

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Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit and husband of Serena Williams, responded to the emotional speech of Shatner’s return to Earth, writing:

Star Trek Icon Marina Sirtis tweeted before the flight. You are an absolute inspiration for all of us. You have lived long and hopefully prospered. And now you are facing the real last frontier. ”

After Shatner finished his trip, fans asked Thirtis if he was considering becoming the second Star Trek actor to go to space. She replied “NOOO” to the company.

Shatner came back and held back his tears when he said to a reporter on earth: And now you are staring at the darkness. That’s the blue cover … this blue comfort around us.

Shatner (90 years old) is the oldest person to reach space so far (Photo: Rex’s characteristics)
Shatner (second from left) and his crew returned safely on Wednesday (Photo: Reuters)

“Then suddenly you shoot it all, you whiplash the sheet and you see the black ugliness.

“Mother Earth, there is comfort, and there is, is there death? I don’t know? Is that the way death is?

“Whip, it’s gone!”

He continued:’This experience is incredible. I’m hungry, this is very strange. But it’s not as strange as the blue cover. “

Shatner continued to call it “the deepest experience I can imagine.”

Wipe his eyes, he said:’I’m very emotional, it’s extraordinary. I hope I will never recover.

“Keep what I’m feeling now, I never want to lose it. It’s much bigger than me or life.”

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William Shatner congratulates Star Trek legend on space

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