Why is #SaveManifest trending on Twitter?

The hashtag “Save Manifest” is popular on Twitter, with over 40,000 tweets per day.

But what does that mean? Here’s everything you need to know …



Manifest canceled after only 3 seasonsCredit: Getty

Why is  trending on Twitter?

#SaveManifest started the trend on June 15th, after it was announced that the show would be canceled after just three seasons. See more such tweets at Twesocial

The show’s creator has announced that NBC will not update


the show on Twitter.

“My beloved manifester, I’m overwhelmed by NBC’s decision to cancel us,” he said. I have written..

“The fact that we were shut down on the way is a deep-rooted punch, to say the least.

“I want to find a new home. Your fans deserve the end of your story. Thank you for the love shown to me, the cast, and the crew. #savemanifest“”

Who appeared in the show?

Josh Dallas as Ben Stone

Dallas as Ben Stone in Manifest


Dallas as Ben Stone in ManifestCredits: Getty Images-Getty

Josh Dallas, 42, has been a television and film actor since 2006.

According to IMDB, at the age of 16, he received a scholarship to study acting at the prestigious Mount View Conservatory of the Performing Arts School in London.

After graduating, he spent time playing at the Royal Shakespeare Company and the English National Opera.

Melissa Rocksberg as Michaela Stone

Melissa plays Michaela Stone in the series


Melissa plays Michaela Stone in the seriesCredit: Getty

Melissa Rocksburg was born in 1992 in Vancouver, Canada.

Her first movie was “Greg’s Diary of a Wimp”, and since then she has appeared in major films such as Star Trek Beyond.

The other actors in the series are:

  • Holly Taylor
  • Parveen Kaur
  • Athena Karkanis
  • Jack Messina
  • Darryl Edwards
  • Matt long
  • Garrett Wareing
  • Luna Blaise
  • JR Ramirez
  • Ellen Tamaki

What do they publicly say about the show being canceled?

Ellen Tamaki who played Drea in the manifesto Tweet: “Hello beautiful manifest.

Garrett Wareing, who starred as TJ Morrison at the show, said: ..

“Thank you for loving TJ with everything you got …. means more than you know! # Manifest @ NBCManifest # TJisinEgypt”

“The support behind #savemanifest made me all emotional. Thank you for watching and loving this show. It’s always your dream.”

The other major actors in the series tweeted the hashtag “Save Manifest” to support the canceled show.

Why is #SaveManifest trending on Twitter?

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