Why Is Omegle Getting Popularity?

Online video with random people. It might have sound weird and exciting at the same time, But it’s now common for the people of the new generation. The evaluation of the internet leads to the development of social media and many other things on the internet. Now, all of them have become part of our regular life. But Random video chat webs and applications have completely changed the internet, especially by Omegle and other portals like OmeTv, Coomeet, etc.

There are many websites, and applications are available for online random video chat. But Omegle is a different beast. It was initially launched in March 2009 but started getting popularity in 2012. Now, in 2021, It’s the most used video chat website for random video chat on the internet. Numbers have started increasing since the Covide-19 pandemic in 2020. These numbers are growing with the same speed and intensity.

So, The Question Is, Why Is Omegle Popular Or getting popular?

There are so many aspects behind the popularity of Omegle. Each plays its part and role. Reputation and legacy, huge audience, Easy user interface, privacy and security, and so many things are responsible for the success and popularity of Omegle. It has nearly 60 million monthly users. If you visit its website at any time of day, it will have at least 20000+ live users at any time of the day, and that shows the power of the audience.

The audience power is one of the aspects which plays an influential role for website and mobile applications.

So, we have just talked about the audience power. But the audience directly depends on the services of the website. Also, we can say the features of the website. Omegle has the best UI amongst its competitors. No need to register or log in. Just visit the website, select your preferable chat option, and click the start chat button.

That’s all! The most effortless UI to use. Talking about Chat options, Omegle provides many chat options. Webcam chat, Spy question mode, Text-chat, Chatrooms, Moderated, and unmoderated chat mode, and much more.

Omegle Does Not Have big competitors.

Omegle was not the first random video chat website on the internet, but it was the first that started getting people’s attention. Back in 2009, Tinychat and Chatroulette have launched. Both received a positive response from the users.

So does the Omegle. Now Tinychat and Chatroulette are not the favourite but still in the market. In terms of stats, Coomeet is the second favourite random video chat website of the users. It has nearly 10 million monthly users. These numbers are not near Omegles’ stats. Ometv and e-chat are coming third and fourth in the list with 7 and 5 million monthly users respectively.

In the list of top 5 most used online random video chat websites and applications, no other platforms are harmonizing the numbers with Omegle. It shows how popular Omegle is. When there is no competitor to challenge the throne, you rule the kingdom fearlessly.


There is nothing left to talk about why Omegle is popular. From its reputation and legacy to its competitors, Omegle is leading each aspect to be successful. Audience power is tremendous. Attractive features and impressive UI. No competitors to challenge them in any way. I don’t think there is anything left to prove why Omegle is the Most popular online random video chat website. Take care and enjoy!

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