Who was the booking agent Steve Strange?

Steve Strange, an Irish booking agent, died at the age of 53.

Famous agents have worked with some of the most famous names in the music industry. Eminem, Queens of the Stone Age, The Charlatans, Coldplay, Among more than dozens.


Famous booking agent Steve Strange died at the age of 53Credit: Steve Strange

Who was Steve Strange?

Steve Strange Welcomed by Carrickfergus in County Antrim, he has worked with many well-known names over the years.

Before becoming an agent, he began his musical career as a drummer with the Northern Irish band No Hot Ashes.

He became the founding partner of X-Ray Touring and became a “legendary figure” in the music world.

In a statement announcing his death, X-Ray Touring, an agency he founded in 2005, wrote: sick.

“We have lost a legendary figure in our personal and professional life.

“Steve was a unique figure in our industry. His overwhelming love for music has led to a career of over 30 years leading an eclectic mix of music of all genres he loved. rice field.

“A well-known, highly respected and beloved character. If you’ve never met him at a gig or festival, you’ll definitely hear his infectious and infamous laughter.”

How did the booking agent die?

The cause of his death has not been clarified, but he is said to have suffered from a “short illness.”

Along with Strange, X-Ray Touring was founded with co-founders Ian Huffam, Jeff Craft, Scott Thomas and Martin Horne. Music business around the world..

X-rays have a roster of over 400 acts, including Robbie Williams, Gorillaz, Linkin Park, Pixies, Stereophonics, and Bombay Bicycle Club.

Snow Patrol in honor of Steve Strange, Central, Booker


Snow Patrol in honor of Steve Strange, Central, BookerCredit: snow patrol / Instagram

Who paid the compliment?

Ed Sheeran “It was a very sad day and I suffered a lot of losses,” he said in response to news from an Instagram article.

Coldplay described Strange as a “dear friend” on Twitter in a heartfelt compliment.

The band added that they were “ravaged” by his death and said he was a “giant” in the music industry.

They concluded the message with the following:

The Charlatans singer Tim Burgess called the news “absolutely tragic” and called him “our agent, our friends, and one of the brightest and brightest people in life.”

“You will be very nostalgic, celebrated, and very affectionately remembered,” he added. “Good night big man”

Was strange Snow patrolFor over 20 years, the band said in a tragic post on Instagram that it remained “ravaged” by his death, sharing nostalgic memories of being a friend and biggest supporter. I did.

Scottish band composed of Gary lightbody, Nathan Connolly, Paul Wilson, Johnny Quinn, and Johnny McDade, I wrote as follows. The largest venue and festival on the planet.

“He believed in us earlier than most others in the music industry. In 2004, after years of slogging, we first appeared on the festival stage. Tinthe Park, Scotland. , 2004, King Tuts Tent.

“Behind the scenes just before we went, Steve was excited and the tent was full,” there were twice as many f ***** g people outside the tent as there were inside the tent. ” said. This line had his unique full throat as usual. smile.

“While trying to capture the madness and chaos of the wild crowd on the stage of the first song, I look back and smile that Steve next to the stage somehow looks wider than his face in my memory. Some of the boys who struggled to see him were barely contained in pride. Today, as I write, he is laughing with his whole body, like yesterday. You can see.”

The compliment continued: “After you’ve finished the gig, so long before you hear Steve outside the dressing room (you’ll always hear his boom and laugh before you see him) It didn’t take-as usual, those allowed in the dressing room after the first Steve Gig then burst into laughter and enthusiastically about the show with laughter and yelling.

“To draw a world without him is to draw a world that has declined. There is less joy, positivity, optimism, and heart. It’s quiet, dull, and uninteresting.

“Instead, remember the joy he brought to many and tell him the’Steve Strange Story’. Anyone who knows him will have a good Steve Strange Story (” I’ll share one or two here, so some aren’t). Know he can get to know him a little more) So today and as long as we’re alive we’ll tell those stories And they bring us joy, and perhaps the deep sorrow that will spread to him for a long time What is the loss due to the laughter and joy he has brought to us and everyone who knows him It will be softened.

“I love Steve. Thank you indescribably. Your boy, SP.x”

Garbage writes on the Twitter page: A great promoter and a great friend for musicians around the world. You will be missed. “

Glastonbury boss Emily Evis also said: smile. “

And presenter Edith Bowman said: Grand piano song. Love for his family. RIPSS “

Snow Patrol awarded Steve the Outstanding Contribution to Music Award at the 2019 NI Music Prize Awards.

Equal to Ed Sheeran’s “best work” ever to label his new album

Who was the booking agent Steve Strange?

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