Who was the American actor Christopher Reeve?

Superman actor Christopher Reeve is celebrating his 69th birthday.

Google celebrates Superman star Christopher Reeve as an actor, director, and humanitarian, and has decided to offer his own Google Doodle, which can be found in a wheelchair in a red shirt.


Reeve starred in four Superman moviesCredit: REX function

Who was the American actor Christopher Reeve?

Reeve was best known for his role as Superman, Steele’s manHowever, he became a voice defender of spinal cord injury after being paralyzed in a 1995 equestrian accident.

Through his non-profit Christopher & Danaryve Foundation, he worked to improve the quality of life for paralyzed people through world travel conferences with scientists, politicians, entrepreneurs and philanthropists.

He worked with the US Congress to fund government funding for embryonic stem cell research while he was determined to walk again.

His 1998 memoirs You’re Still You, and I Love You, won a Grammy Award for their audio version.

How was Reeve paralyzed?

At the age of 42, his spinal cord injury left him paralyzed below his neck after being thrown out of a horse during an equestrian competition.

He would also rely on assisted breathing, but his doctor said it was impossible to recover any movement.

Before he died at the age of 52, Reeve made some progress to improve his quality of life by restoring the movement of one finger and the sensitivity of his foot.

A person from New York City died of heart failure in 2004.

Wife Dana and Reeve


Wife Dana and Reeve

How much money did the Reeve Foundation raise?

His second wife, Reeve and Dana, founded the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation in 1999.

Raised more than $ 130 million for research, the foundation is dedicated to finding treatments for spinal cord injuries, advancing research, and improving the quality of life for people affected by paralysis and their families. increase.

“It was the voice of all people living in paralysis, and above all, the light of hope,” said Reeve, a former CEO of a nonprofit organization.

Reeve’s wife, Dana, stood by his side, influencing his memoirs and died of lung cancer in 2006.

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Who was the American actor Christopher Reeve?

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