Who is Jeannie Mai’s ex-husband Freddy Harteis?

JEANNIE Mai Jenkins announced in September 2021 that she was expecting her first child with her husband Jeezy.

My ex-husband Freddie Heartice After the announcement of her baby, she seemed to blame the TV presenter.


Jeannie Mai released the news on September 20, 2021 after hiding her pregnancy for five months.Credit: Kapetanakis Studios

Who is Freddie Heartes?

Heartice is my ex-husband. They were married from 2007 to 2018.

He is an actor and is known for the 2019 movie, Maverick and the 2011 movie, Hollywood Hunter.

He is engaged to Linsey Toole and shares two children, Emersyn Rose (2) and Huck Fredrick (1).

What did Freddy Harteis say about Jeannie Mai’s pregnancy announcement?

Real co-host Jeannie Mai On September 20th she and she Husband Gigi I hope their first child will be with them.

Genie said Women’s health She didn’t want a child for the rest of her life, but falling in love with Gigi made her look different in her own life.

She described their love as “honest, pure, safe … something I didn’t feel as a kid.”

Heartyce reportedly replied to comments on Instagram’s posting thread.

The original post said, “Her first husband may be biting a brick and screaming rn. [laughing emojis].. ”

Another user replied: [Harteis].. “

Hearty reportedly said in the comment, “Yeah. I upgraded from a trash can to a treasure a long time ago. The best decision I’ve ever made. Congratulations. It’s great to be really happy. My little I love my family. “

Her announcement did not seem to be in harmony with Hearty’s and his fiancée.

Toole responded to the user who said, “I’ve torn you in the comments, so you might want to deactivate the page.”

Lindsey writes: “I don’t want to tell her what she did to me when I got pregnant. Stop the drama and keep us all alive.”

Heartes and Jenkins were married for 10 years before they separated


Heartes and Jenkins were married for 10 years before they separatedCredit: Getty Images

What did Roni Love say?

Love, co-host of Mai at The Real, defended Mai.

“Aunt Roni here: This sounds like a woman is answering … @ thehollywoodhunter You are better than this ..

“We were happy that your children were born, so show Baby Jenkins the same grace,” she added.

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Who is Jeannie Mai’s ex-husband Freddy Harteis?

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