When she breaks from the monastery, she’s fine and Katie Price

Katie talked on the phone and went shopping while on the go (Photo: Nash / Backgrid)

Katie Price This week, he was portrayed enjoying a break from The Priory, and when he went out for a walk and stopped by the store, he appeared well.

On Thursday, a 43-year-old woman was photographed outdoors wearing a long blowfish coat and pinkish sunglasses, with long blonde hair loosened.

Earlier this month, Katie Her fiancé Carl Woods and Las VegasFans speculate that they decided to tie a knot during their flight.

But later the couple Dispelled rumorsDespite getting a marriage license and checking the chapel.

Recent models Returned to the monastery next Car accident Near her home in Sussex, she was warned in September that she could be put in jail after being disqualified and convicted of drunk driving without insurance.

In one of Katie’s recent photos, you can see her standing next to a brick wall with a sign for a rehab facility and talking with her phone.

The model smiled as she looked down at her cell phone (Photo: Nash / Backgrid)
Katie and her children’s stickers could be seen on her phone (Photo: Nash / Backgrid)
The personality of the media was warmly dressed in the cold season (Photo: Nash / Backgrid)

She smiled as she was talking to someone on the phone, and looked good as she kept looking down at her cell phone, wearing black boots and carrying a brown purse all over her body.

During the walk, she also stopped by the underwear store and talked to the woman behind the counter before leaving the store.

A close-up of Katie’s hand holding her phone showed her sweet sticker with her kids in the case.

She recently returned from a trip to Las Vegas with her fiancé (Photo: Nash / Backgrid).
Katie was seen entering the underwear store (Photo: Nash / Backgrid)
She was later photographed to leave the store (Photo: Nash / Backgrid)

Last week, the media personality spent a fulfilling time with his parents and the youngest children on the beach, going out with an 8-year-old Jet and a 7-year-old bunny. She shares with her ex-Keelan Halar.

She recently shared a mysterious post on social media revealing that she had returned to the hospital for over a year after having a broken leg in the fall during her vacation in Turkey.

Next month, Katie faces a sentence after being banned from drunk driving and being arrested in September after crashing her car under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

While she completes treatment in the monastery At the direction of the judgeWhen sentenced, she may still face prison time.

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When she breaks from the monastery, she's fine and Katie Price

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