When jazz musicians improvise, their brains also improvise

Wednesday, February 19, 2014 (HealthDay News)-A new study reveals the mysterious work of the brain when jazz players improvise music.

Researcher used the feature MRI Scan to monitor the brain activity of 11 male jazz pianists aged 25-56. During that time, they voluntarily exchanged music back and forth with each other, called “Trading Four.”

The· MRI According to Johns Hopkins researchers, scans showed high activity in areas of the brain commonly used to interpret the structure of sentences and phrases, but low in areas used to process the meaning of spoken words. Showed activity.

The authors of the study stated that their findings indicate that the areas of the brain that process language structures are not limited to spoken language, but are also used to process other types of communication, such as music. It was.

This study was published online in the journal on February 19th. PLoS One..

“So far, research on how the brain handles auditory communication between two individuals has only been done in the context of spoken language,” said Dr. Charles Lim, senior author of the study, in a Hopkins news release. It is stated in. “But when you look at jazz, you can explore the neurological basis of interactive musical communication that occurs outside of oral language,” he explained.

“This study showed that there is a fundamental difference in how the brain processes meaning for music and language,” explained Lim, an associate professor of otolaryngology, head and neck surgery.

Lim is also a musician who appoints teachers at the Peabody Institute of The Conservatory.

“When two jazz musicians seem to be disorganized when trading with four people, they’re not just waiting for their turn,” Limb said. “Instead, they use the syntactic area of ​​their brain to handle what they are. Hearing Therefore, you can respond by playing a new set of notes that have not been previously composed or practiced. “

–Robert Preidt

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Source: Johns Hopkins Medicine, News Release, February 19, 2014

When jazz musicians improvise, their brains also improvise

Source link When jazz musicians improvise, their brains also improvise

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