What will change at the reinsurance office? – Report by Gallagher Re

Amid the nature of the economic crisis on reinsurers and cedants, almost all buyers will be able to secure coverage by the time of the July 1 redesign. Higher thresholds and cost of appeal than most customers would like, and the provision of limits on certain lines and territories. which led to challenges that had not been seen for years. As a result, the reinsurance market has continued its stable structure, as well Gallagher It’s 1 newSt Check out the update.

While most of the H1 2022 results are positive, the combination of rising and rising interest rates has forced reinsurers to adjust their balances and reserves, over time. as well as considering how the recessionary environment will increase the frequency of claims.

With constant levels of losses, these resources have allowed reinsurers to continue to rise in price as they look to reduce their need for volatility.

Gallagher Re’s report also presented the following important facts:

  • There is an overall reduction in the risk of natural disaster, as new recruits continue to move from lower classes to lower classes, differentiated by country and region.
  • Reinsurers have been seen looking at cedants ’actions in response to the rise, asking for items that are specifically listed in related agreements.
  • Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has increased attention to cyber and war deals
  • The inclusion of the long tail is well known with new recruits, but there is more controversy about giving commissions than the issue of innovations.
  • High inflation costs to reverse the ILS crisis have hit the new financial net but this has not led to market volatility.

“Reinsurers are more vulnerable to losses and public safety incidents than they were in 2008,” said James Kent, CEO of Gallagher Re. “Discussions about the expansion are detailed and technical, with new developers keen to compete with cedants’ traditional products. In addition to their concerns about sufficiency the first interest in the new inflationary environment, most reinsurers will evaluate adequacy when interest rates rise.

“They’re struggling on the economic and social fronts at the same time, which has strengthened their decision to keep the price of the last two years moving.”

Kent added that there is more business focus on the cost of technology in classes and countries where access is required.

“Relationships are very important, and the competition – albeit muted – is there,” he said, adding that reinsurance customers can get “most of the cover and they want it, if not at the prices they expect. “

What will change at the reinsurance office? – Report by Gallagher Re

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