What to consider before starting a franchised business with family

Among our common questions for franchisees, who will join you in the business? The answer is often a boyfriend, sometimes a son, or a brother. This is a good idea, and what do you think if you are looking at this idea.

FSome may think this is a good idea, but others may be nervous.

Is that a good idea? The numbers are confusing. There are many family businesses with franchisees and franchisors. Unfortunately, there are many factors that can lead to job loss, marriage or family failure.

I have seen it See some common patterns among family franchise businesses work well. So, some of the questions you need to answer:

Why do you choose to go to business with family?

To get started, let’s look at the conflict of data. Research shows that it is not the family business that leads to success or failure, but motivation. If the main driver is working with the family, or providing the work for your children, the potential numbers can be confusing.

If the reason is to build wealth or an inheritance for the family, do something you love or do the rest of the work-life before progressing to success.

Have you worked together before?

From my professional and personal life I can tell you, this is important. You have worked together, who is in charge, who will work? How does it work?

You must answer these questions before you leave.

In your own business there is no “end of the day” – problems in working with problems become problems at home, so you need to compare and be able to work together.

What are your skills, who will do it?

The most dedicated family business organizations I know explain the responsibilities that each member takes, hoping to implement and support each other in the process.

Using a sales business model, if one member of the family has service skills and knowledge or driving experience, the two work well together, one selling, the other looking at navigation.

How do you make money?

This is not a very small question, and it is a new question that you will need to address completely. This is the case if a decision is made about buying a property such as a family home or both parties are leaving the payroll – even more so if one of them is working. with hesitation.

We often assume that if the long -term plan is for partners, or family members in the franchise, they will start with just one. This can provide a sustained lifestyle and income and can reduce stress a bit.

How do you navigate other areas of your life?

Does having more families in the franchise business improve your work-life balance or hurt it? How do you navigate the other things in your life that you need or want to do?

The most important thing here I think is to evaluate the nature of the business or profession and how it fits with your lifestyle.

If you have small children, then an all -night reception is not ideal, but can be a 7am to 5pm cafe or shopping center.

In the end, a small family can provide good cover for opening hours and the ability to drop off and pick up the kids on a daily basis.

Is it yours?

There are many reasons why the idea of ​​a family franchise includes; building family wealth, getting more people into the business that owns the right, or “skin in the game” and some altruistic things like family businesses that are more advanced of society and society.

They often provide high levels of personal happiness and give the family the ability to manage their own affairs.

I can’t answer the question if it’s good for you.

But if you can answer my questions above well, you are on your way to making the right decision for you.

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What to consider before starting a franchised business with family

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