What is the legacy of Ivanka Trump?Enables her father’s nasty behavior | Ivanka Trump

IVinca Trump ended his time at the White House in the most appropriate way possible. It was a toilet scandal for about $ 3,000 a month. Recently reported members of the Secret Service were banned from using the bathrooms of Jared Kushner and Ivanka’s Washington, DC mansion and had to rent an apartment instead to free themselves (Jared and Ivanka). I denied this). Talk about pouring taxpayer money into a drain.

It is envisioned that Ivanka did not plan to spend the last day in DC to deal with the fallout from the violent riots and fight the embarrassing leak about her toilet. Ivanka was an ambitious handbag and shoe saleswoman when she appointed a special adviser to the president. She intended to empower women everywhere! Little girls around the world will read about St. Ivanka over the next few decades. She will be a role mogul: her branded bags pop out of the shelves.

Four years later, Ivanka’s clothing line was closed and her personal brand was damaged enough for the college to cancel her as a speaker. She looks like a persona non grata in New York, and her dad is banned from parts of the internet to incite violence. Not surprisingly, Ivanka should sob at the sheets, wondering why everything didn’t work so well.

But Ivanka is Trump: narcissism and self-delusion are in her DNA.Ivanka as a DC brace for pre-inauguration turmoil Tweet lithely Her “achievement” and retweet praise are trying to convince us that she has an important legacy.

According to her Twitter feed, one of the things Americans should thank Ivanka for is paid parental leave, which is one of her marquee problems. And to be fair, if Ivanka is to be praised for something, it will pass a bill that gives Donald Trump 12 weeks of paid parental leave to federal officials. To encourage. Did it happen without Ivanka? I do not know. But she promoted it. Does it make up for many of the nasty things Ivanka promoted? number.

Another major project in Ivanka was the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity (W-GDP) initiative, which aims to reach 50 million women in developing countries by 2025. … well, I don’t know exactly what will happen then. This initiative is a bit difficult to understand because it has too many buzzwords. You get the impression that Ivanka launched it through the vague instruction of “empowering women in a powerful way through the strategic pillars of empowerment.”

Anyway, according to the W-GDP report released last week, all that power was rewarded. Thanks to Ivanka, about 12.6 million women around the world have the skills needed for economic development. Let’s say you’ve done philanthropy and W-GDP has achieved some success. The problem is that the Trump administration’s global abortion war far outweighs its benefits. The government has imposed a detrimental extension of the “Global Gag Rule” that bans US federal funding to international NGOs that provide abortion services and advocacy. Trump also did his best to destroy the budget for foreign aid.

Still, Ivanka was very keen to turn W-GDP into part of her political heritage. Last year, she helped launch a bipartisan bill that officially approves the program to survive after her father resigns. Democratic senator Jeanne Shaheen initially lent her help to Ivanka. However, Ivanka became greedy and insisted on using her version of the bill. Shaheen abandoned her support and explained that Ivanka’s bill was too focused on women’s economic progress, minimizing problems such as education, health care and gender-based violence. It does not mean “let me start a cake making business” rather than “let me eat cake”. The bill was withdrawn last month and the future of Ivanka’s biggest project is now uncertain.

I don’t want to be unfair to her. She may not have empowered the woman as promised, but she empowered herself. Ivanka and Kushner made a fortune while “serving” at the White House. And you know what they are saying about charity: it starts at home.

What is the legacy of Ivanka Trump?Enables her father’s nasty behavior | Ivanka Trump

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