What does Kanye West say about Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian?

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson headlined in 2021 after being discovered on multiple dates following her SNL performance.

In January 2022, Kanye West now passes Ye. Threatened to “kick Pete Davidson’s a **” With a new disc track.


Some of Kanye West’s new songs were released on January 14, 2022Credits: Getty Images-Getty

What does Kanye West say about Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian?

A fragment of the new Kanye song became viral on January 14, 2022, featuring a rapper coming after Kim’s new man.

“God saved me from the crash, so that I can beat Pete Davidson’s a **,” Kanye raps in a new song called Easy. TMZ..

News of his new song arrives just a few weeks after Kanye was discovered with him. New rumored girlfriend Julia Fox..

Since the beginning of the very public divorce between Kim and Kanye, he has done many suspicious things, including: Buy a house right across from Kim, Her decision “I’m not excited.”

divorce The dissertation reveals that the marriage is over When they fought a massive explosive battle about where to go on vacation during the summer Kim said, “The difference that cannot be reconciled... “

Are Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian dating?

On October 30, 2021, Pete and Kim made a headline When they were discovered together At Knott’s Scary Farm with Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker.

at that time, Man According to the magazine, going out was “just a friend hanging out”, but a few weeks later, The two were found holding hands Again at the next airport Palm Springs vacation at Courtney’s house..

After being seen many times with Pete, on December 10, 2021, Kim filed an official legal document in court. If signed by the judge, her marriage status will be single.

Following the decision, sources said HollywoodLife That Pete just wants Kim. To be happy. “

Insider said at the time, “Pete has little reaction to Kim’s decision to restore his name and remove West.”

They continued: “If she wants to do it, he’s all about it. He’s all about getting people to do what they want to do for themselves. What makes you happy. Everything is his spirit. “

Kanye "Kicking Pete Davidson's a **," In the snippet of the next song


Kanye threatened to “kick Pete Davidson’s a **” in the next song excerptCredits: Instagram / @ angelinas_ristorante

reference Pete’s decision to laser erase many of his suspicious tattoos, Insider added:

“It has nothing to do with them or their relationship. If she is happy he is happy. That is all his position.”

Are Kanye and Julia Fox dating?

Rumors of Kanye and Julia dating began in January 2022 after the discovery of two people celebrating New Year’s Eve together in Miami.

On January 7th, Julia released an intimate photo, cozy with each other, writing: Interview magazine That Kanye even surprised her in a room full of clothes On their second day.

“It was an immediate connection,” Julia wrote about their first encounter. “His energy is so much fun to be around, he made me and my friends laugh, dance and laugh all night.”

They also spent the night on Broadway show slave play and had dinner at Carbon in New York City. He surprised her with a photo shoot..

“You were full of clothes throughout the hotel suite. It was a dream come true for every girl. It felt like a real Cinderella moment,” Julia continued.

“I don’t know how he did it or got it all in time. But I was very surprised. For example, who would do this on the second day? Is it?

Despite having a date, Julia said, “I don’t know where I’m heading, but if this is a sign of the future, I love ride quality,” and the two haven’t confirmed the relationship. Hmm.

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What does Kanye West say about Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian?

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