What did Leona Lewis say about Michael Costello?

Leona Lewis summoned celebrity designer Michael Costello a few days after accusing Fashion Tycoon of bullying Chrissy Teigen.

June 14 Costello opened up about his past experience with Teigen In an Instagram post.


British singer Leona LewisCredit: Getty

What did Leona Lewis say about Michael Costello?

His June 14th Instagram Post, Costello claims Teigen She told him to “suffer and die” after “spreading rumors that he was a racist.”

Well, the British Singer Lewis The day after the fashion designer’s accusation, he is calling for Costello.

In a long Instagram Story post, Lewis claimed that Costello, worthy of the 2014 charity fashion show, made her feel “very annoying and uncomfortable”, claiming she couldn’t attend.

The 36-year-old singer explained that he was talking about Costello because “the pot that calls the kettle black in this situation doesn’t fit her exactly.”

Leona Lewis called on fashion designer Michael Costello to claim that she


Leona Lewis called on fashion designer Michael Costello to claim that she “felt very awkward and uncomfortable” in the fitting of the 2014 charity fashion show.Credit: Getty

“I usually don’t talk about such subjects,” Lewis began her statement on June 15.

“But to be honest, I’ve dealt with anxiety over the years and I feel I have to say something.

“I don’t tolerate the behavior of the bully. I apologize for what Michael Costello experienced,” she wrote, adding, “I wanted to share my experience in 2014.”

“I was asked to attend a fashion show to raise money for charity. Michael Costello was appointed as my designer.

“As an excited young woman, I flew all the way to New York. I loved his dress and it was a great honor to work with him.”

Lewis said the dress was sample-sized and made the fitting feel “very awkward and uncomfortable,” and Costello and his team claimed that “apparently they didn’t want to change the dress to suit me.” did.

“This was a complete surprise, because weeks ago they were told to make the dress work for me.

Lewis said Costello's actions were


Lewis said Costello’s actions were “very embarrassing and badly hurt.”Credit: Getty

“At the next fitting, the night before the show, Michael refused to stand up without any explanation,” Lewis claimed.

“He no longer wanted to dress me, and he abandoned his commitment to me and the show that made me well aware that I wasn’t the shape I needed.”

Lewis told Costello, “I was very embarrassed and badly hurt.”

“I wasn’t allowed to walk in his dress because it didn’t look like the size of the model. I had to sit in front of the audience and the media asked me why I didn’t attend the show. “She added.

“It looks like I’ve pulled it out, and I feel like it’s been hard and influenced. [sic] Of those actions, I suffered a lot, both personally and professionally.

“The most painful thing was collecting money for charity, which was contrary to everything we were trying to do.”

Lewis said her experience at Costello


Lewis said her experience at Costello “left a deep anxiety” about her body.Credit: Getty

Lewis said she was “deeply anxious” after the experience and “had to work hard for years to love my body.”

“I’m very proud of how today’s curves are celebrated, but at the time it was a different story, with few representations of women who weren’t standard small sizes.

“I know his designs are now suitable for women of all sizes. I’m glad he’s seen the light for years.

“I think we’re all making mistakes, but at this point, when people apologize (Chrissy) and show sincere remorse and rehabilitation for their actions, we accept them and they Don’t try to kick when is down, “Lewis added.

The singer continued: “I don’t downplay Michaels’ experience because it’s terrible to experience, and I wish him a lot of love and healing.

“I’m sure this will be a shock because I’ve never told him how this made me feel, but the pot that calls the kettle black in this situation isn’t perfect for me. ..

Michael Costello responded to Lewis's claim via Instagram


Michael Costello responded to Lewis’s claim via InstagramCredit: Getty

“Bullying comes in many forms. We need love, accountability, and forgiveness. Not all of us are perfect.”

“We are learning to the best of our ability. I’m sorry for those who have experienced bullying. That’s true, so I’m sorry if I’ve hurt someone without my knowledge. No, with Michael.

Did Michael Costello react to Lewis?

On June 15th, Costello responded to Lewis’ claim in his own Instagram story and shared a photo of the singer in a red dress he designed.

“@LeonaLewis No, I don’t hate or shade. I love you and your music. I’m still following you, but I don’t know what. [happened]..

“I personally contacted you, and I have 7 emails from the last 4 years, and the last 9 weeks from your team and stylists are still the last email 05 / Requesting 17/21.

Michael Costello told Lewis that she


Michael Costello told Lewis that she “reached out” about her claimCredit: Getty

“Leona I’m still a fan and I’m not going to come for you, but let’s talk about what you felt about this dress that you thought was happy,” he added.

On another slide, he shared a photo of himself with Lewis, stating that he didn’t know “what happened between the middle men, what happened in the translation.”

“I love Leona,” he wrote. I shared a screenshot of an email from the Lewis team on another slide.

How did Costello blame Chrissy Teigen?

In an Instagram post on June 14, Costello described his experience at Teigen:

“I need to heal, and to do that I have to reveal what I have experienced.

“I wanted to kill myself, but I’m still traumatized, depressed, and thinking about suicide,” the fashion designer writes.

Later, Costello felt that his “most profitable brand relationships” and friendships were at stake, and “fear of being further blacklisted by the power elite who run the industry.” , “I live with fear.”

Michael Costello is the latest person to accuse Chrissy Teigen of bullying.


Michael Costello is the latest person to accuse Chrissy Teigen of bullying.Credit: Getty

He writes: “In 2014, I accused me of being a racist and received public comments from Chrissy Teigen on my Instagram page.

“She seems to have formed my own opinion based on Photoshop comments floating on the internet. This was proved false by Instagram and then deleted.

“She ended my career when she contacted Chrissy Teigen to tell her that I was a victim of criminal cyber insults and that everything she thought was me wasn’t me. I told me that all my doors would close from there. “

Costello said he was “faithful to her words” and shared that Teigen and powerful stylist Monica Rose were unemployed “without explanation because they were no longer in the way to threaten people and brands.” .. Any shape or shape related to me, they don’t work with any of them. “

He claimed to have tried to explain the whole story to Clichy and Monica, but they never gave him a “time”.

Costello continued. “I was up for nights and wanted to kill myself. I didn’t know what it meant to live.

“There was no way out of being the target of Hollywood’s powerful elite. They actually have the power to close the door with a single text.

On June 14, Costello claims that Teigen told him


On June 14, Costello claims that Teigen told him “after spreading rumors that he was a racist” and “to suffer and die.”Credit: Getty

“Not only was I the target of cyber insults, but I was also on the block list in real life.”

June 14 Teigen has announced a public apology to the media for her past actions on social media..

However, Costello has revealed exclusively to the Sun that Teigen or her team has not yet offered an apology. Despite causing him “years of trauma”.

What did Leona Lewis say about Michael Costello?

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