What Are The Newest Wazdan Slots That You Should Play

We are here to explore the newest Wazdan slots that you can play. We are also here to discuss what makes the latest slots from this developer worth your attention, time, and money. Lastly, we are here to talk about you.

If you have been playing Wazdan slots, chances are you want to explore more of their slot games, especially the new ones. So, you are in the right place if you are thinking of playing Wazdan’s latest slot offerings.

You will find new adventures in the developer’s newest slots. New experiences also await you on the brand new slots Wazdan has in store for you. That said, if you didn’t know which Wazdan slots offer new, entertaining, rewarding, and immersive experiences, please read this post to the end. Hopefully, you will no longer be stuck.

Top 4 Wazdan slots

Four is the number of new slots from Wazdan that we are going to discuss in this post. Yes, we could discuss more, especially when you consider that  Conquestador casino New Zealand  boasts lots of new slots. Nevertheless, the four slots we feature here will keep you entertained, and we bet you would hardly want to look for more.

Reel Joke

Reel Joke is real fun. Reel Joke will fill every second you spend on the slot with fun, rewards, and lots of great memories. Moreover, this brand new Wazdan slot will also help you meet new friends, and a jester that goes by the name Joke will be one of your new acquaintances.

Some slots are complex. Such slots feature complicated bonus systems, lots of game features, not forgetting multi-layered games, which might be challenging to master, especially if you are a newbie in the world of online slots. For that reason, Wazdan completely reimagined Reel Joke. A minimalistic design makes Reel Joke a friendly slots game. Also, you will realize the title keeps everything simple as you enjoy the slot offering. That said, expect to come across 6-reels and 20-paylines as you treat yourself to Reel Joke.

In addition to entertainment, we bet that you love regular and lucrative rewards. Therefore, you don’t have to look past Reel Joke if you want to claim awesome prizes regularly. Picture this. You will encounter a bonus that lets you claim 10 free spins. These free spins have Moving Reels plus an Infinite Multiplier. Awesome, right? Now get this, the Moving Reels will allow you to claim 4 new symbols, which increase your chances of bagging bigger prizes. And this happens each time you create a winning combination on the payline as you enjoy your free spins.

Meanwhile, the Infinite Multiplier value increases to infinity with every win. So, if you are lucky, Reel Joke will guarantee that you claim life-changing prizes.

Clover Lady

Like Reel Joke, Wazdan’s Clover Lady will help you create new and long-lasting friendships. You will come across a woodswoman like no other and her loyal Direwolf on this new Wazdan slot. Don’t be afraid. These characters are friendly. Moreover, they will help you claim lucrative prizes as you play Clover Lady.

For Clover Lady, Wazdan uses 6-reels and 10-paylines. You don’t need to ask if the game is immersive. Of course, it is immersive as it is entertaining. The new slot also uses the software developers Unique Wazdan Features such as Big Screen Mode, Ultra-Lite Mode, Ultra Fast Mode, and Volatility Levels. These features will let you adjust game speed and more. With Volatility Levels, you can tweak how fast or how slow the payouts come around. You’ll particularly love the Ultra-Lite Mode if your internet connection suddenly becomes sluggish.

Never abandon hope while playing Wazdan’s Clover Lady, especially if you are interested in claiming mouth-watering prizes. The slot gives players the chance to claim wins of up to 3500X the stake amount when they land the Grand Jackpot, which has a 7X multiplier.

The Clover Lady is a bonus symbol on Wazdan’s Clover Lady. Lining three or more Clover Lady bonus symbols will trigger a Clover Jackpot Bonus, and it is here that the magic happens. Do you know what will happen when you activate the Clover Jackpot Bonus? First, you will collect Bonus symbols that will help you hold the jackpot. Second, you will collect Direwolf symbols which will multiply the bonus.

Sun Of Fortune

There is a rumor that this slot was titled Son Of Fortune until a lady over at Wazdan Gaming intentionally renamed it Sun Of Fortune. We can’t confirm whether that’s true or not, but we can confirm that the slot is innovative and remarkable thanks to its popular Hold The Jackpot bonus that will let you claim wins of up to 1000X your bet amount.

The Sun Of Fortune is built on a 4 by 4 matrix grid layout. The title has 16 independent reels that feature symbols such as dragon turtles, Chinese phoenixes, colorful koi fish, and majestic dragons. You will also come across symbols that will increase your winnings to help you claim bigger payouts. These symbols include the wilds and the golden Sun Bonus symbol.

Triggering the Hold The Jackpot bonus is no mean feat. You simply have to land at least 6 bonus symbols. Six? Why on earth would we say that landing six symbols is an easy feat?

Wazdan, Sun Of Fortune’s developer, thought you’d ask this, especially if you are interested in playing Hold The Jackpot bonus, and this is why they made sure that each time you land 3, 4, or 5 symbols on the reels, the symbols stick for one more respin. As a result, you can get the six symbols needed for Hold The Jackpot bonus without breaking a sweat.

Once you trigger the special bonus round, you will find different Bonus symbols that have been assigned various cash amounts. You will also come across Mini and Major Jackpot symbols, and you can collect them if you wish to walk away with generous rewards.

Fortune Reels

Cascading Reels, 46656 ways to win, and HoldThe Jackpot game are some features that make Fortune Reels a must-play slot from Wazdan. Besides these features, the oriental slot has 6-reels, which, as mentioned above, cascade to help you easily land massive wins. If you are interested in enjoying a memorable slots experience, look no further than Fortune Reels. Its unique design and various bonus symbols will treat you to an unforgettable and entertaining slot experience every time.

There are a total of five bonus symbols on Fortune Reels. These symbols include; the Golden Coin symbols will let you claim wins ranging between 1X and 10X your bet amount. Also, remember that the Golden Coins can only appear on the bottom four reels. In contrast, the four remaining bonus symbols can only appear on the reel’s top row. The four symbols are the Jackpot Coins, Golden Ox Coins, Money Tree Symbols, and Mystery Symbols.

Fortune Reels’ Grand Jackpot allows players to claim wins of up to 1000X their stake amount. If you fancy claiming the lucrative prizes that the Grand Jackpot has to offer, then it will be important to collect all the 27 Bonus symbols, irrespective of their type. Once you do this, you will not only claim Fortune Reels’ Grand Jackpot but also the wins associated with the bonus symbols you’ve collected.


Wazdan Gaming has a great collection of new slots that will let you embark on new slot adventures as you also explore new slot experiences. These titles are entertaining. Moreover, the experiences and adventures that await you on these slots are worth your money, time, and attention. So, feel free to check them out. Once you are done, come back for another dose of new Wazdan Gaming slots that we promise to cover.

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