WeWork Launches Growth Campus Europe to Boost Startup Ecosystem

The initiative offers € 17 million-funded workspaces and customized coaching programs in nine European countries and 14 cities.

WeWork, one of the world’s leading flexible space providers, has launched Growth Campus Europe, an initiative aimed at helping the economies of nine European countries recover. Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic.

As the pandemic poses a major challenge to growth companies and slows momentum, Growth Campus offers a € 17 million-funded workspace that allows teams to collaborate directly and employ hybrid work. Provides flexibility.

This initiative is open to the entire startup ecosystem, including accelerators, incubators and socially influential nonprofits, providing exclusive access to educational programs and customized coaching opportunities. WeWork offers up to 50% charge to eligible members at designated WeWork locations in Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Paris, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Brussels, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Stockholm, Oslo and Prague. I will subsidize.

Members of Growth Campus Europe WeWork Lab It will also be integrated into WeWork’s global network of members, offering growth support, access to industry professional and mentorship opportunities, customized training, and special benefits and discounts to help members grow.

WeWork’s International COO, Samit Chopra, said: WeWork is built on the principle of working together to support the growth of SMEs, and our expertise gives them access to networks, skills and tools to help them grow. Growth Campus will help the sector and play a role in the post-Covid economic recovery, as the innovation ecosystem is a major contributor to the economy of Europe as a whole. “

The launch of Growth Campus Europe is WeWork’s third Growth Campus following the UK initiative, with over 800 applications in the first six months, including Antler UK and Crowdcube, launched in August 2021. We also support the Asia-Pacific initiative. -Up the ecosystem through it Music Tech Accelerator The program in Amsterdam offers eight new businesses with growth expertise and private workspaces and is affiliated with TEDxAmsterdam. Impact program..

WeWork Launches Growth Campus Europe to Boost Startup Ecosystem

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