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who is: Wellington UniVentures
WHAT’S UP: Research & Commerce; counseling services; Product introduction
HQ: Wellington
UKU: 1992


Wellington UniVentures work with new ones on Transportation – Victoria University of Wellington and external parties to organize their research into activities to achieve the outcome. We do this by connecting them with partners, professionals and investors so that they can grow and develop their ideas or thinking.

Wellington UniVentures can help by focusing on every area of ​​the moment – the country, the market, the challenges and more. Then we work with innovators and professionals to protect their equipment and establish a stable business environment.

Wellington UniVentures can provide further support by developing licensing agreements, services – including social services – and establishing relationships or a platform that can take an idea and help the community. creating a better world.

Wellington UniVentures also provides professional development services to the University to record and execute research and funding agreements, providing research services that meet the specific needs of the Government and the industry. We are able to enhance research programs for our clients, connecting them to world -leading researchers to provide detailed information on their needs. Now, our advisory services can reach out to researchers as technical advisors to industry and government.

In addition to the University, Wellington UniVentures provides professional services to a number of Crown Research Institutes, government agencies and independent research institutes located throughout the North Island.

Who will you work with and what are the main problems you will help them solve?

  1. Transport – Researchers and innovators at Victoria University of Wellington help diversify their work into products, services or promotional activities.
  2. Research and funding agreements are organized, providing research services to meet the specific needs of Government and industry.
  3. Marketing services for private companies and individuals, as well as Crown Research Institutes and government agencies.
There are many ways that newcomers can work with Wellington UniVentures.

Wellington UniVentures SERVICES

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  • Tutoring or counseling services (one -on -one)
  • Product introduction
  • Relationship to investment organizations


Wellington UniVentures helps newcomers make that first step in business and beyond.

We can provide market research, build strong teams and connect businesses and innovators with industry, government and academia – matching ideas with opportunities, people with people, knowledge with rights.

Join our team to find out more about how they can help:


We work with Kiwi Innovation Network (KiwiNet) to support businesses in the Emerging Innovator Program. The program promotes business thinking to researchers and helps them better understand the marketing process through interaction with the industry.


2022 Wellington UniVentures ’30th year – that is 30 years of contributing to the development of research and development of innovations in the works, products of services for the impact of real life.

What makes your team happy about your work?

Our mission is to improve lives everywhere with the knowledge and action we take to help create impact – we help solve problems and build strong teams. .

We enjoy working with amazing people on important ideas and watching them grow. We work with innovators who develop research to address environmental issues, advance in the health sector, develop educational tools and build the foundations for the marketplace.

Everyone here really wants to help develop businesses – it starts in Wellington and we take the world.


Wellington UniVentures


Wellington UniVentures – NZ Entrepreneur Magazine

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