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Weather: Rain to Auckland, windy morning commute, heavy rain to South Island

Auckland Citizens-Pack your umbrella and raincoat this morning. It will be wet.

Tamaki Makaurau are lined up for heavy rain as active fronts move up the country from the South Island-bringing rain and strong winds to the city’s morning commute.

A series of weather warnings are issued nationwide, including heavy rain warnings in Northland, Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Gisborne, Taranaki, Nelson, Westland and Fjordland.

In Auckland, the “heavy rain clock” issued by MetService is valid until 11:00 am on Monday.

Meanwhile, parts of the South Island are preparing for increased floods, with heavy rains in most of New Zealand on Sunday and tonight.

The rain will not be as heavy as last weekend’s flood, but forecasters have warned that the already flooded area is once again on the firing line.

MetService has issued heavy rain warnings in parts of Nelson and Westland, where it can rain up to 150 mm.

The warning will occur on Sundays from about 8 pm to tonight.

According to the warning, streams and rivers can rise rapidly, causing surface floods and slips.

Strong or strong winds are also expected before it rains.

Heavy rains in the area last week caused the Buller River to cross the embankment and flood Westport. NS “Once in 100 years” flood event Many people have lost their homes and more than 100 homes are no longer available.

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Niwa predicts “very high river flow” in response to the forecast of heavy rains on the South Island, and warns people not to pass through floods.

MetService meteorologist Dan Corrigan said most of the country would be affected to some extent.

Heavy rains are expected in the interior of Marlboro, the Tasman district, and some of the blurs where the ground is already saturated.

According to Corrigan, the arrival of bad weather is due to the active fronts that hit Fiordland and the west coast before climbing the summit of the South Island overnight.

By Monday morning, he said strong winds and rain would arrive in Auckland and Northland.

Commuters need to “keep safe and drive according to the conditions” this morning.

The front then moves to the western part of the Bay of Plenty and the northern part of the Bay of Plenty region.

Heavy rains will be monitored early Monday morning in Northland, Auckland, Coromandel, Bay of Plenty, Gisborne and Taranaki.

On Mondays, strong wind clocks are also installed on the North Island, Banks Peninsula, and most of the Canterbury Plateau.

Weather: Rain to Auckland, windy morning commute, heavy rain to South Island

SourceWeather: Rain to Auckland, windy morning commute, heavy rain to South Island

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