“We couldn’t be more consistent”: Dissonant Democrats jeopardize Biden’s agenda | Democrats

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, “Tax the Rich” dress Going to the Met Gala in New York provokes performance anger from the right. But it also won blowbacks from near the house.

Eric Adams, a black police veteran who won the party’s mayor primary by appealing to its center Insisted on it “In a nutshell,’taxing the rich’ in this city can drive away firefighters, teachers and other taxpayers on which the city depends. He instead advocated reducing wasted spending.

Professional business Adams and Democratic Socialist lawmakers are the two faces of the 193-year-old Democrat, facing basic questions about what they represent and what they want to the meantime Democratic Party It has been left behind by both economic and social issues since the 1990s, but it continues to be a widespread and unwieldy coalition by global standards.

Now that diverse and sometimes dissonant voice in Washington Jeopardize Joe Biden’s agendaNevertheless, a longtime centrist who has embraced some of the radically transformative ambitions of past Democratic giants such as Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson.

The split between progressive and moderate parliament has passed a $ 3.5 trillion social spending program, including childcare, education, and green energy measures, and a $ 1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure pending in the House of Representatives, passing through the Senate. It threatens to end the bill.

“Unfortunately, when it is very important for Democrats to make clear to people that we are serving where we are standing, we are now no more inconsistent with our values. I couldn’t do that. ” Yvette Simpson, Chief Executive Officer of Progressive Group Democracy for America. “You can’t put everything together on the same page to do this... “

During the four years of Republican President Donald Trump, Democrats of all kinds have united. General political enemy. But since January, they have dominated all means of power – the majority of the House and Senate is so thin that all disagreements are thrown into sharp relief against Republican stubborn opposition. increase.

The Democratic Party cannot afford to lose more than three votes in the House of Representatives and more than three votes in the Senate. Roosevelt’s “New Deal” Johnson’s “Great Society” reaffirmed the power of government to improve lives.

There is additional pressure from the expectation that Republicans are likely to regain the House of Representatives and perhaps the Senate in the midterm elections next November. The clock is ticking.

Moderate Democrats support a vote on the $ 1 trillion bill for roads, bridges, ports, and broadband connections scheduled in the House of Representatives on Monday. But they also challenge the size of the $ 3.5 trillion social spending package and warn against the government’s overkill, which pushes up national debt.

Senator Joe Manchin, who represents Republican West Virginia, said He said he wouldn’t vote At $ 3.5 trillion, we will prioritize a total of $ 1 to $ 1.5 trillion instead. His Senate colleague, Kyrsten Cinema in Arizona, also wants to cut costs.

But progressives have already fallen from $ 6 trillion and have vowed to defend the $ 3.5 trillion price tag in 10 years. They also said they would not vote for infrastructure plans unless they first passed a social spending program, using a trick called “reconciliation” that circumvented the Senate’s majority requirement.

Progressivists argue that polls show broad bipartisan support for the plan and accuse moderates of being watched over by corporate interests. For example, Manchin owns a large stock A private coal brokerage firm, his election campaign was donated by a lobbyist at oil giant Exxon.

Simpson said: “If you have a specific member of a caucuse who wants to receive money from Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big, you can’t” insert your name here. ” .. “

She added: “It’s not really Democrats vs. Republicans. It’s super-rich, businesses vs. us all, because such a bill in the midst of a pandemic should pass very easily. This is Biden’s. It’s part of the agenda. It’s actually already a compromise, as I wanted more and more progressive.

The scale of ambition has been since the party began to lead “New Democrats” (later Tony Blair’s new inspiration) to Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton from the ashes of three consecutive election defeats in 1988. It shows how far you have progressed. Labor) Go to the political center and return to the White House.

With Al Fromm, who founded the Democratic Leadership Council in 1985 Clinton, carefully selected for work Still insisting on centrism. He points out that Biden comfortably defeated Democratic Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders at the Primary Society last year, and the importance of progressiveism is “exaggerated” by the Cable News Network and Twitter. Claims.

Also from the note that the six progressives that make up the house’s “squad” are from a safe Democratic base, while the moderates are from the highly competitive Swing district. “The voters who decide who controls Congress are probably suburban voters and college graduates, and women will be key,” he said. “Suburban voters tend to be financially moderate.

“Votes for the $ 3.5 trillion bill are automatic for Progressive Caucus, because they want to spend all their money around the world, but for moderates, elections that need to be won. Districts often vote for the Republican Party and tend to be more conservative on economic issues, which could be an election-decision vote. Part of this battle goes back to the person you represent and the votes you need to be elected. “

However, he was warned against seeing the debate as evidence as a crisis of democratic identity. “”We have always been a coalition, “he added. “We have always been very wide tents that span the entire spectrum. From the perspective of party width, historically this is probably less than it is now. Thirty or forty years ago it was further divided. Was being.. “

The current impasse has led to some brief exchanges at Capitol Hill, forcing Senate 36-year veteran Biden to intervene this week. Host both moderate and progressive For a lecture at the White House. It also relies heavily on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer to demonstrate their political chess skills.

The fact that Pelosi and Schumer have expressed their support for their goals and that Sanders is now chairman of the influential Senate Budget Committee is a sign of progressive progress in recent years (he). Clearly warned: “Without the $ 3.5 trillion settlement bill, there would be no infrastructure bill.”) Biden, a 78-year-old surprise radical, seems to be in good shape for the party.

Matt Bennett, A former executive vice president of public relations for a third-way think tank and a former executive at the Clinton White House, said:

“The Republicans have been facing an identity crisis under Trump for some time, because they saw many people, especially their intellects, leaving the party. The core of the Bush administration is the Republican president. It was an identity crisis. We have a debate. “

It’s a furious debate, further complicated by Republicans reasserting their claims. I swear not to help Democrats Raise the federal debt limit by mid-October. The various moving parts appear to be set to accomplish or destroy Biden’s presidency and prove a decisive chapter in Democratic long history.

Rear Greenberg, Co-founder and Co-Executive Secretary of the Indivisible Project, a progressive non-profit organization, said: It really shows the complete idealistic and political contradiction of the conservative democratic block.

“They have random feelings about price tags, not taxing the rich, not actually limiting the power of the company, etc. The battle here is even between moderates and progressives. No. It’s between those who are trying to bring the entire Democratic agenda to fruition and those who are trying to stop it for complex and inconsistent reasons, usually with offerings to corporate donors. “

Manchin and Ocasio Cortez, who belong to the same party, may look like a recipe for political dysfunction, but they are still in a different league than the entire aisle event of the last decade.

Greenberg added: “The dominant story in American politics is not necessarily a Democratic change. The Republicans have just been completely freed from political reality, their commitment to democracy, and it has to maintain and exercise power. It’s true that we’re hellish about using the tools we’re using. “

“We couldn’t be more consistent”: Dissonant Democrats jeopardize Biden’s agenda | Democrats

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